Friday, December 6, 2019

Just in time for the holidays


Exciting news if you’ve yet to hear: Alyce at Kit and Clowder Coloring Classes is bringing back two favorites from the archives that feature Power Poppy illustrations.

Create some colorful holiday magic — just taking a few hours for yourself of relaxing coloring. All the while, you'll be learning and broadening your skills.

Read all the details at Kit and Clowder — here are direct links:

Once again, Power Poppy is participating in Kit and Clowder’s Advent Calendar of Craft Giveaways. We will be making TWO appearances during the 25 days with giveaways and offers — so be sure to check in every day with K&C’s Facebook Group - HERE.

Come see the latest work by our talented designers, and get ideas for your next project:

Have a great weekend, everybody, I’m running outside to plant bulbs!

Thursday, December 5, 2019


It’s time to announce our winners of our Christmas Remix $20 shopping code giveaway, selected from comments on our design team members’ blogs. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone for your wonderful notes, we love, love, love to read them. (Who doesn’t appreciate a few strokes now and then?)

Real quick - we’ve got a new sale at Power Poppy: 20% OFF all Holiday clear stamps, digital downloads, and dies. Discount is automatic at checkout. Pick up anything you still may need for your holiday prep. 

******* AND THE WINNERS ARE *******
If you see your name as a winner, please email us at so we can send you your prize.

Allison Cope’s winner is:
** Rachel Young // Instagram @panda8ngelcreations **

Barbara Walker’s winner is:
** HenriĆ«tte **

Broni Holcombe’s winner is:
** Jeannean **

Catherine Anderson’s winner is:
** Terry B. **

Christine Okken’s winner is:
** Helen **
left this comment: "Love all the digis...but my favorite one from my collection is the Dancing with Daffodils. Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful creations for Power Poppy, Christine."

Gloria Stengel’s winner is:
** Sue D. **

Jenny Colacicco’s winner is:
** Sweta Changela // Instagram @table_in_the_attic **

Julie Koerber’s winner is:
** Denise Gooch **

Kathy Jones’ winner is:
** HenriĆ«tte **

Leslie Miller’s winner is:
** Cat Craig **

Lisa Johansen’s winner is:
** TracyM#6773 **

Nancy Sheads’ winner is:
** Lagene **

Saskia van den Berk’s winner is:
** Renee Hamilton // Facebook **

Stacy Morgan’s winner is:
** Tina Z. **

Congratulations to our 14 winners! Please send a quick email to us at, and we will email you a code to use toward your next purchase. Thank you again for sharing your love during our hop. So many kind words, our hearts overfloweth.

AND: I have yet to hear from a few winners of a $15 gift code from the giveaway on the Power Poppy blog:

** Grammy’s Greetings **

 ** Francis Valensiano **

** LaWanda Batchelor ** 

Please send a quick email to us at, and we will email you a code to use toward your next purchase.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Creative Confetti: Tag, You're It!

Hello all and Happy Tuesday! Is your head spinning from all the Holiday Wonder shared right here over the last 12 days on the Power Poppy Blog? Gosh, I know mine sure is! What beautiful creations! And did you see that some of the designers are doing a giveaway on their blogs? 

Christine, myself, Kathy, Stacy, Broni, Nancy, Barbara, Leslie, Catherine, Gloria and Lisa JUST MIGHT be sharing a little surprise giveaway. So, hop on through all those links to see for yourself!

Moving on! I don't know about you but this time of year seems to be focused on two things -- Christmas cards and gift tags. You can never have too many in the "done" pile, can you? That's why I wanted to lend a hand and challenge you all to craft one, or two! 

HOW TO PLAY: It's just as simple as the name suggests! Make a tag! It can be any kind, it doesn't have to be a holiday tag. Just make a tag in order to play along. Use Power Poppy stamps if you have them but if you don't, now might just be the perfect time to win some! When you are done, link up your creation using the linky below and you'll be in the running for a $25 gift code to the Power Poppy Shop! The link is LIVE all month long, meaning, the more you play, the better your chances!

On to my creations! 

I was dying to use the new Power Poppy digital stamp set called Handmade With Love Tags. So, I thought this was the best time to do that -- with a tag challenge! Check this darling set out, will you?

You get this plump package of 8 holiday tag designs with oh-so-unique illustrations! And, get this! Not only do you get the 8 designs but you get them with and without a sentiment inside, allowing you to personalize these with reckless abandon! Too fun!

So, you can see above that I chose three of the designs and aimed for a similar color scheme with all three. I tend to only buy a couple mega rolls of wrapping paper along with some coordinating ribbon for every package I wrap during that season - so it's important -- especially for us matchy-matchy folks to, well, match! ;-)

Tag #1

I tend to do a ton of handmade gifts for my loved ones and this year is no exception. Both my mother and mother-in-law have some handmade goodness coming their way, so I know this tag above showing that I am sharing something Handmade with Love will definitely come in handy!

Tag #2

I have always loved this illustration above featured in a bit of Power Poppy's Snuggle Down stamp set! So, when it popped up on this tag, I thought, "Genius!" Marcy created a tag to coordinate with a stamp set for not only cards but coordinating tags! What? So fun!

Tag #3

And, this last tag is just one that I find so classy -- just a simple little gift with a ribbon that goes on for miles! It's perfect to attach to one of those cookie platters you like to give to the neighbors, right? I think so! This little package is also a part of the Power Poppy Merry Littles stamp set, again allowing coordinating galore! 

Looking for a little more inspiration?

Katie Sims did THIS darling tutorial showcasing a whole host of gift tags in interesting shapes using Power Poppy's Tweet Tidings set!

Allison Cope tagged up a bottle of bubbly or two HERE using Power Poppy's Dream Wedding set to help ring in the holidays! You'll have to click the link to see the three other tags she designed that are just as fun!

And, yours truly crafted a whole tutorial showcasing a few different gift tags using a multitude of Power Poppy sets HERE! 

So, "Tag! You're It!" Let's see what fun you can craft with a tag as your creation! And, as I mentioned, when you're done, just link up your creation below so we can all see AND so you can have a shot at winning a $25 gift code to the Power Poppy Shop!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hopefully, we'll see you back here real soon! ;-)

Creative Confetti Thrower

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Monday, December 2, 2019

The Artist's Notebook: What is Artistic Coloring?

What makes Artistic Coloring different than standard Copic coloring? Guest author Amy Shulke from tells you more. | | #realistic #howtocolor #copic

Psssttt… Confession time: I spend a lot of time doing something without a name.

Yep, I spend hours coloring highly detailed projects with Copic Markers and colored pencils. They’re little paintings. Lots of other people do it too— some working with digital stamps and others with their own original line art.

You’d think there’d be a name for this… Hobby? Pastime? Obsession?

When I tell people I teach coloring classes, it doesn’t feel right. Strangers assume I mean card making or coloring books. But I’ve never made a card in my life and I haven’t owned a coloring book since grade school.

So I started telling people I teach painting classes, which feels a lot more accurate, except that it started freaking out the students. "Who, me? I’m doing what?”

For want of a better term, I call it: Artistic Coloring.

What makes Artistic Coloring different than standard Copic coloring? Guest author Amy Shulke from tells you more. | | #realistic #howtocolor #copic

Hello, my name is Amy Shulke and I’m the illustrator and art instructor over at Today I’d like to show you behind the scenes of my latest coloring project, All is Bright.

Hopefully, we can better define Artistic Coloring. It’s a sub-niche of something fine-artsy, almost like watercolor but crossed with illustration, the step-child of paper crafting, and cousins to card makers and art journaling… whew!

What would you call it?

See? We’re the Duckbilled Platypus of the coloring world. And hey, maybe you’ll want to join us!

What makes Artistic Coloring different than standard Copic coloring? Guest author Amy Shulke from tells you more. | | #realistic #howtocolor #copic

1. Artistic Coloring is larger than most coloring projects.

As I said, I’m not a card maker. Die cuts and glitter powders? That’s some strange voodoo stuff.  When I do see cards, I’m always amazed at how people color such cute little itty-bitty teeny-tiny stamps.

We work large.

For All is Bright, I printed Power Poppy’s Snowy Church digital stamp large enough to fill a full sheet of 8.5 x 11” Bazzill cardstock. If I was teaching this for a retreat, I would use my oversized printer to fill a sheet of 18 x 24” Cryogen Cardstock. In artistic coloring, the size of your project is limited only by the size of your printer.

We use digital stamps or original line drawings because cling and clear stamps are not large enough to accommodate the shaping and details we add. Power Poppy digis are perfect for us!

We go big.

What makes Artistic Coloring different than standard Copic coloring? Guest author Amy Shulke from tells you more. | | #realistic #howtocolor #copic

2. Artistic Coloring relies on photo references and observation

I've noticed that Copic fans enjoy the marker techniques-- blending, smooshing, pointillism. They're in love the physical process.

Meanwhile Artistic Colorers are in it for something a little harder to describe.

They notice more nuanced color when they look at the world around them. More than shaded edges and single light sources. They want to incorporate what they see into their coloring projects.

They’re flirting with the concepts of realism.

So we use photo references rather than tutorials. Students learn to color what they observe rather than following step by step instructions.

The cool thing about using photo references is that you can color Snowy Church many times in hundreds of variations. It wouldn’t be hard to remove the snow and add a glorious burst of apple blossoms and green grass to the image. Add a northern lakeshore or a field of sleeping sheep. It could be sunrise or sunset if we wanted.

With photo references to guide your coloring, you can color anything!

What makes Artistic Coloring different than standard Copic coloring? Guest author Amy Shulke from tells you more. | | #realistic #howtocolor #copic

3. Artistic Coloring takes longer

If you'll allow a little snark, I’d say Artistic Coloring is basically overthinking the simple stuff and taking hours to color what most people do in five minutes.

But it’s fun!

The images are larger, so they take longer to color. And we add lots of detail which slows us down even more.

All is Bright took me about six hours to color, spread out over four days. I also spent a couple hours in the pre-planning stages, hunting down a great photo reference and testing out possible color palettes.

But it was fun.

So much fun!

4. Artistic Coloring uses mixed media

  • Copic Markers provide intense and vibrant color, but it’s hard to color thin window frames with a big fat marker.
  • Technical pens are great for crisp texture and moderate detail but they’re too small to color a whole pine tree.
  • Colored pencils make beautiful highlights and subtle color gradations but they’re painfully slow, especially on nighttime backgrounds.
  • Colorful paper can add a beautiful smooth background but that same color can dampen the vibrancy of your markers, pens, and pencils. It's hard to glow on cool colored paper!

There isn’t one medium that works best for everything. Artistic Colorers don’t mind. We pick and choose based upon the needs of the day.

What makes Artistic Coloring different than standard Copic coloring? Guest author Amy Shulke from tells you more. | | #realistic #howtocolor #copic

5. Artistic Colorers blend but they don’t use blending combinations

Remember when I said that Artistic Colorers view color differently than most colorers?

A traditional Copic Marker tutorial might instruct you to use three different piney greens on the trees here— a light, medium, and dark green. That’s a standard Copic blending combination.

But Artistic Colorers look at shaded green and we don’t see more green in the recesses and niches, we see less green. Most of the time, Copic doesn’t even make the murky shady colors we see. We’re the group that says “G99 isn’t dark enough!”

The trees here were colored with a magenta marker layered with a green marker. The unusual mix of pink under green is called Complimentary Underpainting. Pink and green are opposites on the color wheel and together, they make the realistic muddy color that you’ll find in the shady crevices of a pine tree.

To see more unusual Copic underpaint colors, see the Vanilla Undercover series here.

What makes Artistic Coloring different than standard Copic coloring? Guest author Amy Shulke from tells you more. | | #realistic #howtocolor #copic

6. Here’s the best part - Artistic Coloring does not require special skills to start!

I’ve mentioned many artsy words today like scale, value, and underpainting but the really cool thing about Artistic Coloring is that unlike a lot of drawing and painting classes, you don’t need any skills or talent before you start.

We use digital stamps, so there’s no drawing involved.

Most students start Artistic Coloring classes with little more than a few Copics and the desire to use them differently. It's strange, but if you walk in the door with years of coloring experience, you spend a lot of time unlearning before you start learning.

I'll be honest, my All is Bright online class is an advanced coloring lesson. It's not an entry level project. But every student in the Vanilla Livestream system started as a beginner and within a year worked their way up to this kind of challenge.

This is totally doable. You can learn to do this!

So here’s my Artist’s Notebook challenge for you this month...

What makes Artistic Coloring different than standard Copic coloring? Guest author Amy Shulke from tells you more. | | #realistic #howtocolor #copic

But maybe it’s something you’ll want to think about into the upcoming new year.

Artistic Coloring is something that you absolutely, positively can do.

You must be willing to work larger, on projects that take longer, and with less supervision and demonstration to guide your way.

But for detail oriented people who dream of coloring digital stamps with a completely unique style and voice… whatever we call this Duckbill Platypus coloring hobby… this is the art-form for you!

What makes Artistic Coloring different than standard Copic coloring? Guest author Amy Shulke from tells you more. | | #realistic #howtocolor #copic

Want to color Power Poppy’s Snowy Church with me? 

My All is Bright class is part of the Vanilla Livestream series for intermediate to advanced Copic colorers. This lesson covers how to use white sparingly and intelligently for maximum depth and impact. The overuse of white gel pens and white colored pencil flattens your projects, so let’s learn how to highlight the classical way.

You can find out more about Vanilla Livestream classes here.

And hey, I’ll see you next month for another glance into my Artist’s Notebook!

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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Christmas Remix - New Digi: Glitter House Christmas

We’ve got some cute stuff to share, but first...

Happy Thanksgiving, wonderful friends! 

I am so very thankful for YOU. What uplifting, kind-hearted folks. You take the time to share your words of encouragement, appreciation, and wonder in your comments here, on Facebook and Instagram, on our designers’ blogs. I thank you for bringing my Power Poppy images into your crafting space, and sharing your creativity and handmade treasures with others. Ours is a relationship that’s rare — being able to connect through art from our hearts. Now more than ever, this kind of connection is needed in the world. I’ve gotten to know so many of you over the years, and consider this community such a gift in my life. So again, thank you. Wishing you and your friends and family a Thanksgiving filled with love and gratitude. 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Now... let’s look at cards that are totally darling, featuring a nostalgic image that’s a lot of fun to color... it’s a favorite around here: Glitter House Village.

The design of this scene is based on 1940s cardboard houses, covered in paint and glitter, sold in dimestores so folks could create little holiday villages. There were tiny bottlebrush trees, and cottony snow. You know those little houses, right? Here’s the original inspiration for my artwork...

And get this, AS OF TODAY, you can get Glitter House Village in both clear polymer AND as a digital download, called Glittery Village. Yippee!

Did I mention that these two sets are on sale today? Though you MIGHT want to wait until tomorrow... we have Black Friday sale stuff happening where you can save BIG.

Here’s a special sneak peek at a card from our Christmas Remix hop that is blowing my mind. Leave it to Instant Gardener Catherine Anderson to combine the Glittery Village digital stamp with our Christmas Corgi download. Plus a sentiment and accents from Grandma’s Snowflakes. She set up such a sweet vintage scene to accompany her preciously detailed card.

Be sure to stop by all of the designers’ blogs when you have time this weekend — there is so much inspiration here — and we are SO THANKFUL for all of these women sharing their creative talents.

Be sure to stop by our designers’ blogs — many of them are offering a $20 Power Poppy gift code giveaway!

PS ... are you looking for the winners of the FOUR $15 gift vouchers I was giving away here and on Facebook? Check this post!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Christmas Remix - New Digi: Handmade with Love Tags


Did you hear we have something new today? I’m quite happy with how it all turned out, and hope you will be too! We’ve got a digital stamp set with EIGHT delightfully hand-illustrated tag designs just for you. Some are inspired by our classic stamp sets, others are 100% original and new, bursting from my sketchbook and into your craft projects. Handmade with Love Tags will suit so many holiday needs...

This digital download includes every tag design with and without lettering, so you can customize these babies however you’d like.

Here are the images you get in Handmade with Love Tags:

SUCH VARIETY! There’s embroidery, florals, pom pom, ribbon, woodsy, kitchen-inspired.... 

Have you been following Bloomie Allison Cope? She is crushing this release — every card she posts is wild with creative ideas and beautiful execution. Here, she’s taken a tag design and made it into a large-format square card. Genius!

Everyone is doing such pretty work — and so much of it! Wait until you see these clever tag designs from our Bloomies and Gardeners... prepare to be awed. I literally cannot wait to start crafting after seeing all of this cool stuff.

Beginning today and running through Monday, be sure to stop by our designers’ blogs — many of them are offering a $20 Power Poppy gift code giveaway!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

We’ll be back tomorrow (on Thanksgiving in the USA!). Hope you all are enjoying your Thanksgiving prep, that stuff always puts me in a happy mood.

PS ... are you looking for the winners of the FOUR $15 gift vouchers I was giving away here and on Facebook? Check this post!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Christmast Remix: Berry Sweet Holiday + Giveaway Winners

Yayyyy!! It’s finally here — no, it’s not Thanksgiving or Black Friday or even the end of the release — it’s the day we can show off one of my favorite classic stamp sets: Berry Sweet Holiday.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. To start, the polymer set, Berry Sweet Holiday has 13 images: two focal images, four sentiments, and 7 little accents to help make your cards really sing.

The digital versions of these images are really fantastic too. Merriest Berries digi download gives you THREE versions of the core image, with and without a candy cane at the center. Sometimes a gal just likes to have options.

And that cute little wreath!!! As I was drawing it, I was even like, “I love you, little wreath. Thank you for popping out of my head and onto this paper.” Find this download in Wreath: Felt Leaves and Fruits.

This classic card made by Bloomie alum Tosha Leyendekker shows how you can color Merriest Berries/Berry Sweet Holiday in any color scheme! Isn’t it darling in pastels with lots of sugary glitter?

Or look at the work of one of our newest Instant Gardeners, Gloria Stengel, who was inspired by the colors of peacock feathers for her festive creation.

But wait, there’s more! Brand new cards by our designers that will show you even MORE ways to use these stamps. And did I mention that they are ON SALE?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


** Lynne K **

** Grammy’s Greetings **
 ** Francis Valensiano **

** LaWanda Batchelor ** 

Ladies, Congratulations!! Please send an email to and I will send your shopping code to you right away. 

Dear folks, thank you from the bottom of my heart to all who lefts such lovely, encouraging notes on our blog and Facebook post. I read every single one and absolutely LOVE to know what my designs mean to you and our crafty community. ❤️❤️❤️ ~m
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

See you back here tomorrow for a REALLY COOL new digital set!