Arranging Roses - new digital stamp set!

Howdy y’all! I am so happy to finally be able to unveil my first set in Power Poppy’s July release. It’s called Arranging Roses, and it’s available for sale right this momento!

Arranging Roses by Marcella Hawley

I’ve created a new collection of super deluxe, flower-filled digital stamps, and if you hang with us over the next few days, the Bloom Brigade will be showcasing some of the most outstanding card creations I’ve ever seen. Don’t doubt me on this! Go see for yourself:

Allison Cope
Christine Okken
Cindy Lawrence
Danielle Kennedy
Dawn Burnworth
Julie Koerber
Kathy Jones
Katie Sims
Leslie Miller
Stacy Morgan
Tosha Leyendekker

Remember, part of the fun of digital stamps is that you can get them NOW and have a card made before your kids even get out of bed. (If your kids are teenagers... my Lulu and Finn are usually up by the crack of dawn, so no early morning cardmaking for me.)

Speaking of my kiddos, though, I got the idea to add strawberries to an arrangement of cottage roses (I mean, who does that? I don’t even know if you can pull this off in real life—but if you think it’s possible, somebody snap a photo and share it with us!) after going strawberry picking with them a few weeks ago. We had such a blast! And the saturated colors of the early-morning berry patch really struck me (for any midwesterners who may want to stop there next season, it is Lakeview Farms outside St. Louis). I wanted to work the leaves and berries into a new set, but how? One really fantastic thing about drawing, you can make combinations of whatever the heck ya want. So I paired the berries with roses in a big bouquet, and when you all make your cards, I hope you’ll color and play with this wild combo in any way that strikes your fancy! Maybe even in colors that seem totally impossible—have at it. 

Thank you SO much for coming by, and I hope you’ll take heed of the words that come with the sentiment in this set: Find your eternity in each moment. I was so struck by that quote, I posted it on Facebook while I was researching what words I wanted to pair with my still life of the sweet summer pleasure of arranging flowers. It is actually part of a longer missive:

“You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.”

That Henry David Thoreau was one wise dude. My friend Kirk Ranson quipped, “One should Thoreau themselves into life!” Hehe! Right on.


Cammie said...

A gorgeous stamp, and I'm so glad you've included a quotation by Thoreau. Thoreau and Emerson are two of my faves.

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, my gosh, Marcy, I enjoyed every word of your post and totally agree about Henry's wisdom. I mean, how can one guy be so wise? I think the thing that makes him special is that he knew how to express himself. Then I laughed myself silly at your friend, Kirk's, quip! He is one wise guy, too! By the way, I've been meaning to exclaim over how both Finn and Lulu look like little Marcy replicas. Individuals in personality, but the family resemblance is remarkable. LOVE this month's florals, Marcy! LOVE!

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Marcy, I just love reading your blog post about your inspiration for this beautiful stamp set! And I LOVE that it's digital!! Make it any size I want!! Beautiful set, and I have it already (thank you!), and I can't wait to play! Lulu and Finn are just darling, and I love the strawberries - my favorite fruit (have it every day on my cereal). Thanks again, and sending hugs!

ChristineCreations said...

So fun to hear how the strawberries got in to this wonderful illustration ;) The kids are so cute! Thanks for another beauty hearing the full Thoreau quote too!

Kathy Jones said...

Marcy, I just love your take of life - roses and strawberries.....why not!! Your posts are always so inspiring and love the pic of your kiddos!! I love that you added the full Thoreau quote too!! Happy Days. :)