And now for something completely different

Welcome back to our final episode of Marcella Hawley: Behind the Stamp Sets!

He he he!

By now I think you all know that when I conjure up a drawing—just like when decorating a room or throwing a birthday party—I get a kick out of including something unexpected and unique. Whether it’s the subject matter itself (we giggled about tucking strawberry stems into the bouquet of the Arranging Roses set), a quirky color (try the purple cauliflower!), or rustic printer’s type paired with a breezy image for a logo design (hey, it worked)—having something a bit different is important to my work, and personally I find it a rewarding challenge. 

For my debut Happiest Holiday Collection, I knew I wanted to draw something natural, botanical, and a real knockout.

Here are the ingredients to make that happen, which you can find all wrapped up on one fun new set: Poinsettia!

First, we have the very festive, beloved Poinsettia. Did you know Poinsettias are a member of the Euphorbia plant family (commonly called “spurge”, such a strange name for a genus that’s so spectacular!)? Originally found growing in the warm sunny climate in Mexico, they were introduced to America by botanist and physician Joel Roberts Poinsett, who was the United States’ first ambassador to Mexico. And now they are a Christmas classic!!

I tell ya, the more you know.


Next, I’ve added some whirly, swirly pine needles such as these above, which I admired at the Missouri Botanical Garden earlier this summer, photographed, and thought, “I need to get those into a stamp set—STAT.”

And, the pi├Ęce de resistance: baby pomegranates! The globular shape with the crownlike top and fringe-y looking stamens are just too cool to pass up. The colors are too delicious. And don’t we all love to grab a few pomegranates at the market over the holidays? I’ll include a few in a mantel or tabletop display, let them dry to their gorgeous wine-red tones—or we carefully slice into them and the kids and I marvel at their bejeweled centers before we gobble ’em all up! Pomegranates had to go into the new set, especially now that I’d discovered they come in a petite variety. And so, I present:


Poinsettia is a clear polymer stamp set with two bold images (there’s a sweet stocking in addition to the spray of botanical bounty), and plenty of lovely holiday sentiments. Plus a Merry Christmas I handlettered with my trusty pen, inspired by a vintage napkin embroidery. 

I think you’ll be using this one for years to come, and I hope you’ll color it LOTS of different ways... the baby pomegranates can be ANY COLOR YOU IMAGINE! Let them be berries of any variety your mind can conjure. Let’s see what “something different and unique” YOU will do with this set, shall we?

For now, let’s go see what the Bloomies have done!


Tomorrow --- EVERYTHING WILL BE AVAILABLE at POWERPOPPY.COM! Plus: A big ole blog hop. See you then!!


Dawn B. said...

Marcy this is so pretty. I just love all the sets this release. Each month I think it is my favorite and then it just keeps going and going. Great job.

Patti J said...

Sheesh....each day gets better and better! Love today's showcasing of this fabulous release!

Elise S. said...

Can't wait until they're available for purchase!

CherylQuilts said...

Beautiful inspiration, Marcella!