Heaven and Nature Sing!

Happy last day of the new release peeks! Oh, wait, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Hopefully you’re sitting at your computer or iPad with a couple of fun-size Snickers or Baby Ruths, and your coffee, revved up to go. I really think today’s set is gonna rock ya... Maybe even moreso if you’ve been listening to Rockin’ Robin on the way to school, at your son’s request, as I have! :)
Most of you know I’m a sucker for nostalgic old ephemera. Bring on the books, postcards, magazine pages, labels, packaging... I eat it all up, from the lettering styles and composition to the color palettes and the subject matter itself.

While gathering inspiration for my Happiest Holiday collection — and this is the last set, there are EIGHT in all, see them here — I snuck away to antiques shops and antique malls, shuffling through stuffy piles of stuff, and sifting through shoeboxes of paper goods. Doug and I ventured out on daytrips to small towns outside St. Louis and poked into junk stores (we love doing that!) on the hunt for vintage Christmas goodies to spark ideas. I really struck gold in a few booths at an antique mall down the road, finding handfuls of penny postcards dated from 1908-1912. O Happy Day! Cue the Happy Inspired Artist Dance!

The design themes of that era were so pervasive — lots of birds in pine trees. Lots of picturesque churches. Lots of holly sprigs and mistletoe. Oftentimes two or three of these themes were all in the same card, isolated into small framed areas. Some of ’em were quite terrible. Just too much going on. While others had a harmony and sweetness that really touched me. I have to confess, the compositions of these cards reminded me of trends in modern cardmaking! Embellished frames and die cuts, embossed details dotted with sparkle, gold or silver-foil stamping and edging, fanciful sentiments... It was kind of an epiphany. We’re coming full circle with our card creations — only now they cost a little bit more than a penny. ;) hehe.

My November release has many-a-nod to the classic themes of these 100-year-old postcards. So far you’ve gotten a glimpse of the holly swags of Bough Wow Wow and the snow-covered church of O Holy Night, and several of the Merry Littles reflect that old-time look. But today’s set might be the most nostalgic of all... featuring two rockin’ robins. Introducing: Heaven and Nature Sing. 
I’m almost giddy to share this set with you... Heaven and Nature Sing has seven stamps, several are ideal for holiday cards, but really, the main images can be used throughout the year. It’s all how you treat the subject matter, and how you make it “sing” in your unique way! Will it be deep jewel tones or a fresh and cheerful treatment? How about both!

The Bloom Brigade has gone above and beyond with their card samples, and I can almost hear the GASPS! that will be arising across the land — er, the world! — as you open their blogs. Please join me in seeing what everyone has made for today!! Thank you, special special Bloomies!! AND — we have a GUEST today for this peek.... the lovely and gifted Dina Kowal is also here. O Happy Day again!

Tomorrow... we’re HOPPING! Hope you’ll spend part of your day with us, and then it’s time to grab your sets in the store! We’ll be shipping ’em out as the orders come in.

Have a Happy Halloween! Off to finish the sideburns for Finn’s Blues Brothers costume. He’s my own little rockin’ robin.


Crestajune said...

I can already see that this is one set that I must have! Loved reading about your process... looking through old cards/postcards is one of my favorite things to do, too... so much inspiration there! Have a wonderful day, Marcella!

Karen W said...

Fabulous, you were right Marcella, it's awesome!!! I will order it immediately

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, my heart, Marcy! I am so behind this week in commenting on all the blogs and cards, but this one is absolutely breathtaking! It's gorgeous, and I'm heading out to another appointment but will be back and hop around. BUT, you know what I want...hehe! Hugs, sweet friend, and thank you for the beautiful Christmas releases! This is the cherry on the top, IMHO! And I love how you have been inspired!

D- said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
Crafty hugs,

Carol Ann said...

These r beautiful, love how you get inspired. Contraulations on engagement!