Come see! Easy Breezy Coneflowers

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Hello there! Well, I’m thrilled to share today’s special addition to the Instant Garden digital stamp collection. They are a perennial favorite for gardeners and crafters alike! I often pass by swaths of these jewel-toned beauties in neighbors’ garden borders on my walks around the ’hood, and sometimes have to stop and just marvel at them!! Coneflower, as it is commonly called, has the botanical name Echinacea, which you may recognize as plant many of us look to for herbal healing and to help fend off a cold.

It’s a challenge to pass by them without giving their distinctive, spiky, brilliantly bold cones a second look! Here are some I captured with my trusty iPhone the other night while on a walk. I just had to admire them for a little while... I’m pretty sure my neighbors are on to me as a crazy plant lady and when I stop to photograph their plantlife, it may be confirmation. The way the burst of orangy-yellow just explodes from the center of each humble flower, I find it breathtaking.

Today we’re sharing a digital stamp set that showcases a few of these stunners, and I hope they’ll help you create cards that make people stop and give a second look. Want to give it a go? Presenting: Easy Breezy Coneflowers!

Our more-than-inspiring design team, the Instant Gardeners, who put up with this crazy plant lady and have my eternal gratitude, have created LOVELY cards for you today to help get that mojo flowing and share some of the possibilities with our Easy Breezy Coneflowers set. Come take a look at their blogs and just see what I’m talking about...

If you’d like to snatch this one up for yourself, you too could be creating coneflowery fun this very weekend!!

Take care and thank you so much for stopping by today!


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Ruth said...

Love this! I am going to have to succumb to the world of digital stamps. your digital images are glorious and this one is heavenly!

Barb said...

Another beautiful image to add to my collection! Thank you!