Grin and Berry It!

One summer’s day about five years ago, we went outside to discover that a red raspberry bush had planted itself at the edge of our front yard. Perhaps the seeds were carried by birds, or by the air, or by someone walking home from the neighborhood farmers market and chucking a few berries aside. That first year, it grew a few leggy canes, leafed out amply, and we had enough berries to fill a few tiny baskets, picked by my kiddos and our next-door neighbors’ boys. Each berry was coveted! Ones dropped on the ground were quickly picked up and popped into mouths. Our mysterious miracle yardberry bush is carefully mowed ’round, tended and trimmed, and now we revel in the fruits each summer and the bush just gets bigger, bolder, and more berry-ful!

Yard + raspberries = Yardberries.
Lulu out picking a post-dinner treat last summer.
Yardberries, local peaches, and purple basil garnish. Just look at those little sparkly highlights!

That berry busy was such a fun surprise for us. Now, how about this for a surprise.... a digital stamp set of two images to download, print, and color, in celebration of the wonderful yardberry — I mean — RASPBERRY! I call this remixed illustration “Berry It” and I hope you’ll have a lot of fun dousing it with intense shades of color and make it POP off the page like I know you can!


Would you like to see what a few of our inspired artists have done with my Berry It digis? I am going to go out on a yardberry limb and say: YES!!! Here we go,

Take care and thank you so much for coming to check in with us! Enjoy yourself in whatever adventures you pursue today.


D.Ann C said...

Great pun! Love raspberries!!

Barb said...

Ooooo, I love it when I get 'volunteers' and what a great one you have here! The berries are beautiful, like little gems and I bet they taste as good as they look!
Thank you for another gorgeous digi! I just love it! I am having a wonderful time coloring your images and I hope to get them all onto cards very soon.
Thanks again for sharing your talent.
Have a berry nice day!
Barb :)

Unknown said...

Fabulous raspberry digi! Love the story of your raspberry find in your yard. I have 2 tomato plants complete with tomatoes, which I never planted. LOVE that!

Nora Noll said...

Oh I LOVE this!! I LOVE that fun quote!!!

Momma J said...

Girls you have got it going! Love, love , love the berry theme! Thanks for sharing!