New Digital Stamp Set: Maize for Days

Hello and Happy Fall! After the beautiful blowout of Holiday stamps the past few weeks, it feels a little funny going backwards to fall, but such is the course of the crafting calendar. For any of us who love to celebrate fall color, who want to indulge in those crimsons and carmines, raw and burnt umber, burgundy, royal purples, yellow ochre and all things orange — we don’t want to miss our chance!

Does anyone else get excited to see “Indian Corn” come fall at the market? Indian Corn, or Native American Corn—the real name of these gorgeous jewels is MAIZE. Originally domesticated thousands of years ago (we’re talking 9,000 years!) by the indigenous people of America, maize was cultivated into the corn we see today across the world. The wonderful colors of Indian Corn usually turn up come fall in grocery stores and farmers’ markets, and can be found festooning the front doors and Thanksgiving centerpieces of folks all over the land.

We often had a little bunch of Indian Corn on our door when I was growing up (my Mom did not miss a decorating beat!). This year I couldn’t help myself and picked up a few ears myself for the first time in several years, and they are just as glorious jewel-rific as I remember. Now, if I were to get super-duper crafty, maybe I could braid the husks together to form something gorgeous to hang on our front door... but more likely, I’ll tie some twine around ’em and call it a day! But a beautiful day, at that. Will you try something decorative (or otherwise) with Indian Corn this year?

For our digital release today, I’ve remixed a drawing that’s really one of my all-time favorites, and there’s something about how this set came out that pleases me... maybe it’s the subject matter, maybe it’s the composition, maybe it’s the corny jokes — but I hope you’ll enjoy it too! Introducing Maize for Days!

With this digital stamp set, you’ll get one image of Indian Corn tied up into a nice, wide ribbon with tendrils of Bittersweet — PLUS THREE SENTIMENTS! Originally, we were going to have two sentiments with this set, but then our Bloom Brigade designer, Allison Cope, declared that this set was “a-maize-ing” and well, a third sentiment was born. I can’t pass up a good pun like that! Thank you, Ally, it’s my favorite one of ALL!

Today we have some awesome autumnal cards to share with you using Maize for Days, created by women who put so much heart and talent into their work, it warms me up every time I visit their blogs. Let’s go see what they’ve made for us today...

If you come back here on Friday, we’ll have even MORE cards to share with you from our fabulous designers! And, and, and — we’ll announce the winner of the Power & Spark: Bits & Pieces Challenge — AND (can you believe all of these ands?) — we’ll kick off an all-new challenge with Kathy Jones!

Go have an a-maize-ing day, my friends!


Berina RGA said...

I've never seen those colorful Indian corn. They are very beautiful for decorating. Your digital stamp is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the details in all your stamps!!

Crestajune said...

Another gorgeous stamp! I just love your creations. Also, fantastic work by the DT to show it off!

Ann said...

Wonderful set, need to add it to my wish list. Lovely cards by the DT also.

Barb said...

You've done it again, Marcy! I really needed an Indian Corn image and BOOM! You provide one for me. What's totally cool about this, well, one of many things, is that since it is a digi, I can re-size it. I have something very special planned for this. YOU are a-maize-ing! And so is this stamp set. THREE sentiments, this time! Whooo hooo! Now, I'm off to see what the DT has created.