Friday, February 19, 2016

You Get to Choose!

I learned this affirmation from Louise L. Hay, and created a card to share with my Mom as she was going through her treatments. (p.s. at the very top is Orchids Rock, which I stamped and watercolored.)

I was enlightened several years ago. It happened as my husband and I were going through a separation. Man, that stuff is a rollercoaster. I was trying to figure out how to keep my wits about me and stay focused on my work, be there for my kids, to find time for myself, and to do all the paperwork and negotiations that go along with divorce. Some days I was like, “I got this!” Other days I was a big blob of blah. Confused, resentful, sad, etc, etc... all the emotions you might expect.

My Mom shared with me (have I told you lately how awesome she was?) that I might find peace and inspiration reading the writings or listening to PBS specials by the spiritual leader Dr. Wayne Dyer. Well, that pretty much changed the direction of my life. Because on top of all the 9 million things I feel that I have since learned from Wayne Dyer, the main takeaway for me was: YOU GET TO CHOOSE HOW YOU RESPOND IN LIFE.

You get to choose.

You do not get to choose your emotions or your feelings. Most of the those will just rise up in us because we are human. But the funny thing is that when you realize that you CAN choose your response and your reaction to those feelings, and you choose a calm, peaceful, even joyful response, it changes the whole dynamic. It changes YOU. Dr. Wayne (as I affectionately refer to him, and sadly he passed away last year — we’ve really lost some of the greats in 2015-16) has another mantra that I loooooove: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

I can tell that I am about to go into a rabbit hole of musing about all the wonderful things that Wayne Dyer taught me about behavior, spirituality, and being. Gotta stick to the point here! And we have a stamp set to preview today, and lots of inspiring creations to share!

During that rollercoastery time I was going through, I started a practice of writing down the marvelous thoughts and perspectives I learned from Dr. Wayne. I put them on Post-It notes as soon as I would hear one in a talk he was giving, or in an audio book I’d downloaded. Soon, my entire computer monitor was edged in a border of colorful, inspiring sticky notes! I would sit down and see a big note saying, “YOU CAN CHOOSE PEACE!” (as opposed to whatever you are feeling right now, stress, sadness, irritation.) What a liberating thought. I started to make more sticky notes for other areas of the house. I adapted the affirmations of Louise L. Hay — she is an awesome conversation for another day, whew is she inspiring, and added “All is Well.” to my list of things to remind myself. Because really, all is well. No matter what manufactured drama you think you have going on in life, most of the time, you can remind yourself that God has got this. There is a plan, and we may not understand what it is, but All is Well, and you just need to chill.

Note the tiny “Circumstances do not make the man, they reveal him.” - that one’s from the philosopher Epictetus.

I posted this graphic with my very first blog post, see my lil Post-Its? That was just the tiniest smattering I shared in that shot! I’ve got ’em all over the place!

I’ve created a set of stamps that feature some of my favorite positive affirmations. They are written in the first person. We call that “I am” statements. (as in, I am peaceful. I am a child of God, a divine creation and a piece of His work. I can do any task I set my mind to with ease and comfort.) These statements really truly help to ease your mind, and to encourage you to shift your thoughts to a positive, can-do spirit. Here are a few of them, stamped onto 2" x 2" sticky notes. I could decorate my whole house in these things!

I know that these guys aren’t your typical stamp set. But maybe they should be! Why can’t we create sets of these positive words and do a little bit to help encourage ourselves, and one another, to be a little bit better. DARE TO BE GREAT! :) Because you know what, you can choose to be great. And you gotta start somewhere.

This new set is called Small But Mighty Affirmations... part of our Grow Everyday collection of clear stamps.

This is a set PACKED with stamps — there are 15 in all. I see using them not just for ourselves (though that part is key) but maybe creating a set of affirmations to give to a friend who is going through a hard time. What about stamping “I CAN DO HARD THINGS” a whole bunch of times, in a rainbow of colors, for an encouraging poster for your kid on the day of the big test? Or a simple “Go Rock this Day!” on your husband’s brown paper lunch bag? (I seriously could stamp that on my hand and look at it throughout the day, and it would keep me motivated!)

The Bloom Brigade has gone above the call to come up with some really cool projects using these little nuggets of positive thought. Let’s go see!!

Thank you so much for sharing all this goodness with me today. We will all be back tomorrow for one more stamp set in our new collection, and it’s gonna have flowers in it. That’s all I’m going to say...


Heidi Stamps said...

These could be really fun for art journaling. Not that I have one, but I was thinking about starting one soon! So excited for all your new releases.

Karon H said...

What a truly inspirational post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and faith with us. I know this is a trying time for you, and I have you in my prayers

Crestajune said...

I know I am going to love this set! It is now at the top of my wish list. Beautiful work by the Bloom Brigade, as always!

Melanie MacKenzie said...

I cannot wait to see this entire set. The "All is well" reminds me of my own mom as she always used to say "All will be well". Sort of similar sentiment. This looks to be a wonderful set. Cheers Marcy.

Jenny Colacicco said...

Awesome post, ive loved reading them. No other stamp company so I learn so much on their sneak peaks days - so refreshing. And these affirmations are cool. I think I have these sort of post its in my head but after 4 months maternity leave I will definitely need them at work too :( if everyone had a tenth of your positivity and can do attitude even in the face of recent events the world would be a much better place. Can't wait for the big reveals :)

Berina RGA said...

Such an inspirational set!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Moxie Craftie

Lisa K said...

Awesome inspiration! I may have to have this set!!! It has been a rough week and your comments about choosing my response were just what I needed to hear. Thank You for sharing yourself.

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Marcy, you know it's a joy for me to read what inspires you, and I know that surely some of these were written with your dear mom in mind. I just love your positive, can-do attitude and would love to see all the wonderful post-its around your house. I love the photos you've shared. It's important to have happy things surrounding us in our workplace and where we spend a fair amount of time in our homes. I loved the blog hop with all the inspiration by the Bloomies, and wow, what fun! Lots of fun ideas and inspiration, and I can see this will be a fun set to use for in many ways! Can wait until tomorrow and then Sunday! Hugs, sweet friend!

Katie Bolinger said...

These sentiments, these affirmations, are what is needed right now in our family. Everyone of us is going through something hard from caring for a premie baby, to supporting a troubled youth, to praying for a dying father-in-law. My sisters and I all need a bit of positivity. This set is perfect for that. Thank you.

Katherine said...

Oh boy, I'm so excited for this release! I LOVE the affimations! They are just what I need in my life right now. Also I love the Spring set. The bird's nest in the wreath is beautiful! I love to see it full of eggs. It is so cheery and bright. I can't wait to make cards with it . My grandmother always called me "Little Pussywillow" when I was a little girl, so I'm so happy to see it as a stamp.
I love your stories...The Missouri Botanical Garden is one of my favorite places. I lived in Utah growing up but my Mom is from St. Louis and we always visited the gardens when we visited there...I absolutely love makes my heart sing to visit there. Thanks for all the beautiful photos you always show us.
The pic of your mother is just wonderful! She looks so happy and glowing...Thank you for putting that remembrance of her on your blog...she just sounds so accomplished and amazing...just like yourself.
Thank you so much for sharing your abundant talents with us!

Nora N. said...

Oh wow!! I LOVE this set!! Thank you for sharing it with us!!