Monday, March 21, 2016

Inspire Me Monday: Look at your stamps in a new way

Hello Friends, How are you today? My name is Kathy Racoosin and I am super excited to be back today for another “Inspire Me Monday” feature. 

Working with Power Poppy stamps is always a pleasure but, the hard part is deciding what to use because all of the stamps are so beautiful. Today I mixed two different stamp sets and I will be sharing a few masking tips and showing you that it’s ok to ignore some mistakes. 

Before we get started I wanted to tell you why I am using the hands. I was hoping that my hands on the card would resemble a vase .... according to my niece not so much lol. 

After I finished my card I decided to google images of "hand vases". (I tend to do things in reverse)  In retrospect I could have cut a hand out and popped it on top of the other hand and I might have a achieved the look I was going for?

Or... I could have drawn a simple vase in the stamped hands inspired by this vase.  

Flipping the hand would have made a cool vase. If you take anything away today maybe it will be to look at your stamps with a different eye and to google for some images first :)

I used the Folk Heart and the Planning for Magnolias stamp sets. 

I know some of you like to see the colors that are used so this photo is for you. 

The hand was stamped with a Copic friendly ink and slightly off center. (I am using the mini Misti)

The images was stamped again on some masking paper and placed on the left hand. A “post it” was placed down to mask off the thumb. (note: see the part of the thumb peeking over the post it paper.)

This is what happens when you don’t pay attention when masking off an image.... a partial thumb and a lovely smudge BUT, that's ok you won't notice these things on the final card.

Using the acetate sheet that your stamps are on can guide you for placement when using the misti.

After stamping the magnolia branch I decided to add some more greenery.  I tore up some of the sticky side of a “post it” note paper to mask off any petals that might get in the way of stamping more greenery. 

 Stamping an extra image and cutting it out will hide most mistakes. The magnolia in the vase will be cut out and used to hide the lost half thumb. 

I have shared this before and thought I would again in case you missed it. For a quick and easy background add some quick color with your alcohol marker. This technique is also a great way to disuse any smudges. 

Use an old rag with a pile on the rag. Take some Copic blending solution to add texture and to get rid of the lines when you colored the background. Add just enough solution to damped the rag. Blot the damp rag on the background. Fluff up the pile on the rag and blot again. Repeat. Use the heat gun to dry your paper before you start coloring. If you are using light colors use a "0" to “erase” or remove any purple that may have bleed onto the image. Otherwise you can color on top of the color if you are using bolder colors. 

That’s it for today and I hope that you picked up a tip or two. Thanks for your visit and have a wonderful week.


CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Kathy, you never disappoint, and what a fun and exciting Inspire Me Monday! I adore both of these new sets and love how you've combined them and love your inspiration! One day I shall try this background using an old rag. It's amazing and has such a dramatic effect! Love your final card, and thanks for the inspiration today! Hugs!

Donna Phelan said...

I think it does! lol It's all so beautiful....looooooove your coloring! Sending love & Spring (even though it is snowing here, grrrrr)

craftytreen said...

Kathy, i love all of the power poppy flower sets, she is such a wonderful artist and i love her work. i have several of her sets and have been intimidated with all the details. well, you have done it again! To see the fabulous coloring and the wonderful markers that you chose (they will match my craft room, im so happy) i never thought of doing the background with your (rag technique). i made a rag just like yours (i want to be like you when i grow up. lol ) thank you so much for all of your tips and details and all of your sharing! hugs, treen

Beejay said...

It helped me so much to know that others make mistakes and that they can be fixed! I get so irritated with myself! But even someone as accomplished as yourself can make errors (I am sure others just edit them out when posting). It helps to know that this can happen and how to fix it. Thanks so much for showing us a mistake. It reminds me to be more gentle with myself! THANK YOU!
Your art work is beautiful. The flowers are gorgeous. The background amazing!

Rushd Lady said...

The glove stamp set looks Pennsylvania Dutch? I know a Mennonite stamping store owner/friend who would love it! Our magnolia/tulip trees are blooming here and you captured all their beauty so well. One of my favorite blooming trees during the spring season! Good coloring job Kathy!

Sandra Frutchey said...

Those hand vases are really cool..have never seen those be honest I just thought you were making a victorian inspired collage and thought it was cool looking. Love your honesty!

Bobbie Lathrop said...

Always a fan of Kathy for sure, love the idea and again just awesome colors and technique my dear.

Berina RGA said...

Beautiful card Kathy! And thanks for the tips!
Moxie Craftie

Julie Koerber said...

AMAZING Kathy! I absoolutely love your take on the hand vases you spotted on the net! The colors are vibrant and the background just sets the whole thing off! WOW!!!

TracyM #6773 said...

DELIGHTFUL card Kathy!!!
WOW - your design and colouring is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
THANK YOU for sharing your INKY process and COOL raggy background :)

jennifer delauter said...

Beautiful card!! It's helpful to know and see how extremely talented cardmakers like yourself fix mistakes. Thank you for sharing that process! I don't quite understand how you add color to the background, but I don't have blending solution anyway. Thank you for a wonderful tutorial!!