Two new digital sets available today!

Today at Power Poppy, we’re just gonna go a little wild. We’ve got BOTH our Instant Garden digi for April AND a freshly remixed Marcella Hawley illustration for you on the same day. Two digis, one day. The beautiful ladies who make up the Instant Gardeners and Bloom Brigade have come up with some highly inspiring cards to celebrate this big occasion!

First I’m going to share a drawing that came to me after spending a weekend at the World Daffodil Convention, which was held here in St. Louis a few weekends ago. There were daffodil connoisseurs from New Zealand and Northern Ireland to Nova Scotia and Nashville all gathering to appreciate, discuss, and show off their Narcissus! My mother was active in the American Daffodil Society, and I’ve shared her love of those flowers here many times, so you might guess that this was a very special day for me! Doug even came along for a tour of the daffodil grower and hybridizer, Jason Delaney, who also has been the curator of the bulb gardens at Missouri Botanical Garden, and is one rad dude. Another day my stepdad, Steve, and I ventured over to the Daffodil Show with thousands of world-class cultivars and historic specimens on display. To say I was inspired by this weekend spent surrounded by the glorious gifts of Narcissus would be an understatement!

Garden plots laden with thousands of varieties of hybrid daffodils. Heaven on earth on a rainy morning in Illinois.
Bouquets as sumptuous as this were simply everywhere!
Special details in the corona, or cup, of the Daffodil are best appreciated up close!
Even my motorcycle-lovin’ sweetheart came with me to the rainy Daffodil tour. That is love.

I felt compelled to find a way to work these beauties into a new drawing! Truly I could probably have drawn any number of new Daffodil sets, for, like you, I was CREATED to CREATE! And I can’t get enough Daffodils! But figuring that we already have some pretty neat illustrations of Daffodils, I contained myself a bit, and came up with this new drawing for our April Instant Garden release... presenting: Created to Create!

This digital stamp set celebrates the spirit of drawing, painting, and admiring nature in one handy image. Fun to color up on its own or make into a card. Our Instant Gardeners (and a few special guest Bloomies!) have made creations that truly exemplify what this sentiment states! You’ll get a link list to the Created to Create cards in just a moment... but first, let’s just see WHAT ELSE we have to share with you today!

Have you got it in you to check out TWO new sets today? I hope so, because this next one is a lot of fun, and I’ve been asked a bunch of times if it will ever make it to digital form. And well, I aim to please! Introducing Juicy Strawberries!

I don’t think I’m too biased when I say that this is an illustration you should have in your arsenal for whenever you want a simple but classic image that is simply sweet. With two sentiments that remind a friend you are there for her or for him, or pair it up with something else entirely. Juicy Strawberries was drawn with inspiration from heirloom strawberries that are growing in our backyard. They were started from a previous owner’s grandmother’s strawberry plants! Now, that is pretty sweet. :)

Come take a leisurely tour through our design teams’ blogs today to get a glimpse of creativity in action. Looking through these interpretations of my illustrations, I felt a sense of wonder and downright awe.

I hope you enjoy what we’ve prepared for you, and if you desire to get to coloring these images, Created to Create and Juicy Strawberries are available right now in the Power Poppy Shop.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for coming by!


Heidi MyLittleStampingBlog said...

I love the sentiment you added to the strawberry image. I can see myself using them one to send a card to one of my sons when they are older and going to camp or college or something. They would be publicly embarrassed but secretly love it. Love both sets!

CherylQuilts said...

Marcy, what a fun time at the World Daffodil Convention, and I love all the photos! So much beauty to take in and such fun to meet some of the wonderful friends of your precious mom! I know it must have been wonderful for Steve as well to meet some of them, and I know you and your sweetheart Doug had some fun too! Beautiful images, and (as always) a fun hop to see what all my sweet friends did - wow, just blew me away! Squooshy hugs to you, sweet friend! xoxo

Berina RGA said...

I loved the pics of the daffodils you had shared on Instagram! Both digis are awesome!! Thanks for creating them!!
Moxie Craftie

Kathy Jones said...

What a glorious time you must have had surrounded by such floral beauty!! All the girls have created the most stunning projects with the new digis today, truly amazing!!

Ann said...

Beautiful pics and love the digi's.

Unknown said...

Absolutely STUNNING!!!

cindybearj said...

Wow, I would love to see those daffodils in person. They are beautiful and I love the digis.

Redapple39 said...

Beautiful daffodils..they are one of my fav flowers right next to tulips. The stamps are just awesome as well. I can see you had a wonderful time at the Daffodil World Convention. The designs are the type one needs when they want to have some relaxing down time or if they need a smile to lift their spirits. Thank you for giving us this joyful side of yourself in your artwork.