Monday, June 13, 2016

Inspire Me Monday: Color Theory

Happy Monday everyone!  Welcome to Inspire Me Monday!  I'm your hostess Allison Cope and we're going to talk a little bit about COLOR THEORY!

Come and find out a little bit more about the fabulous color wheel...

Here's a quick look at the cards I used as my examples today...
Featuring Folk Heart and Short Stacks

Featuring Folk Heart

Featuring Peony Love and Potted Primroses 

Featuring Folk Heart

Featuring Orchids Rock

Thanks for joining me today!  So the next time you begin to color your latest and greatest Power Poppy image, think about how you're going to use color to the fullest!

Happy coloring everyone!

~ Ally


  1. Oh, Ally, your creativity and knowledge of color theory are amazing! Thank you for this wonderful video and your explanation of color of the best I've heard. And I've seen this explained years ago at my quilt guild, but yours is the best! Love your colors and how you explained each one and how they fit with the color wheel. Thanks for taking the time to do Inspire Me Monday, sweet friend! Big hugs! xoxo

  2. Super job on the color presentation!! Its been a long time since Ive heard it and it was an excellent reminder! ALL of your cards are beautiful too :)

  3. Wonderful, thorough explanation of the color wheel! I picked up some good tips, thank you!!! Also, enjoyed your lovely sample cards, great examples!!!

  4. Thank you! This was a great explanation and I learned so much.

  5. Gorgeous, I can see another shopping spree coming up for me...x

  6. Probably the best explanation of using color. Thank you so much. Your cards are amazing.


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