Forget-Me-Not Heart, our newest digital download

While it’s a challenge for me to abide by this as a designer who loves detail and fluff, I know it to be true that the simplest design is usually the most effective. I know, seems crazy! But there’s a reason that “CAS” (clean and simple) cards have a huge place in the design landscape. They work!

Today’s gentle offering, Forget-Me-Not Heart, reflects the simplicity concept, and I am so happy to bring it to you as our newest digital download of four images!

You may recognize the wisp of Myosotis, known as forget-me-nots, as the single sprig is a part of our Soothing Sympathy clear stamp set that was introduced last month. I do have a big place in my heart for this particular flower. One of my mother’s friends from her garden club, Peg Whitmire, who was the dearest, most generous soul and a huge inspiration to many, shared several forget-me-not starts with me from her garden when my children were young. She told me that the cultivar should “take off” wherever it was planted and bloom for months! It had the prettiest blue flowers, so true to the nickname of the plant, a blue you couldn’t forget! After awhile, the forget-me-nots were so plentiful, I had a field of them in the back garden, and it sent my heart leaping to see them growing so happily.

They bloomed beautifully for a few years, until a roofer dropped shingles from a roof repair right on top of my forget-me-not field — and smashed them all with the yucky shingles. They never really did recover from that! I had to remind myself that they were “just plants” and oh, how many plants I’ve failed or have failed me through my gardening career. But this one stung, because these were a gift from Peg. They live on my heart, though, as silly as that may sound.... my little field of Peggy’s forget-me-nots.

Today’s heart-shaped design, which is just so fitting for a plant with such symbolism, was inspired by the Bloom Brigade’s, Julie Koerber. Zip over to Julie’s blog post from Friday to see how the idea to form these into a heart came to be! What fun to see how we got to this place.

We have a bunch more inspiration to share using this sweet set from our Instant Gardeners and one more Bloomie, too! Won’t you come take a look — and know that you can grab Forget-Me-Not Heart from our store right now....

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!!


Leslie Miller said...

So sweet, Marcy! I love that you made these Forget Me Nots into a floral heart. Great idea, Julie!

Unknown said...

That digi is just darling!

Patti J said...

Absolutely wonderful set! Love the DT's showcasing of this gorgeous set! Thank you for the inspiration :)

Berina RGA said...

Such a beautiful image!! Love what the DT have done!
Moxie Craftie

Unknown said...

Thank you Marcella for your sweet, sweet creation!

PS... Have you ever seen portulacas? Bright little mini poppy flowers?