New Digis on the 5s: Well Hello Dahlia

Fresh-picked Dahlias on the farm of Erin Benzakein of Floret Farm in Washington state. Follow her fabulous adventures as a farmer, florist, and teacher on Instagram: @floretflower

In the world of cultivated flora, there aren’t many as wildly diverse, and just plain wild as the Dahlia. Have you ever sat down and really examined one? It’s a bit imposing to have that many pointy petals staring back at you! Or maybe you’ve looked deep into the heart of one of the more rounded-petal varieties, and marveled at the complexities of the petal structure. I mean, how does nature fit that many petals inside a single bud? And again, the range of colors and the subtly of shading and gradation of tone — it’s enough to make you shake your head in disbelief at the gifts from Mother Earth.

I have no answers about how Dahlias got to be so darn stunning. I am as amazed as you are!

My response is not to ask, it is to study and draw! And that is what I’ve done in today’s remixed release, Well Hello Dahlia.

In this stamp set, available as a digital download for you to print out from your desktop printer, you get a range of images to work with. One large grouping of Dahlias in three bud vases, another grouping with two vases, and another with only one vase. Each image affords you the opportunity to color up a ton of pretty petals in various stages of opening.

Let’s see what our talented and dear-hearted designers have dreamed up with their versions of Well Hello Dahlia, shall we? I know I want to!

Remember, with a digital stamp set like this, you can be coloring and creating within a few moments of your purchase. You can also work with the image in a digital editing program to flip it, enlarge it, and tweak it to suit your crafty purposes. These are just some of the wonderful things about working with “digis”.

Have you heard the news about our mini challenges in September? Give a read and get in on the first one, just announced on Saturday...

We would LOVE to see your entry — and you don’t color on this first Power and Sparklette Challenge, this is meant to get that mind and soul workin’! Lots of good vibes coming your way, enjoy your day!


Annheidel said...

Not only do I like the new flowers, but I'm geeking out over the musical theatre reference! :)

Berina RGA said...

Beautiful flowers and digi.
Moxie Craftie

Unknown said...


creatingincolors said...

Oh Marcella, you've done it again! What a gorgeous set of stamps!

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

OH, I LOVE IT. And had to get it too. I have a granddaughter named Dahlia. And one named Daphne, ever drawn any flowers of that? Understand it's part of the Laurel plant.

Vicki said...

Love all the detail in this stamp.. So beautiful. Thanks!