New Digi on the 5s: Bittersweet Wreath

Orange-and-red dotted Bittersweet vines — they go hand-in-hand with the harvest time of year. In my illustrations for Power Poppy, I’ve paired them with pumpkins and coffee (Feeling Fall), with Chinese lantern (Sunny Harvest), even with Indian Corn (Maize for Days) — but in today’s new release, they get to star all on their own.

Celastrus orbiculatus (Bittersweet) is a woody vine, and is actually considered an invasive species in North America. I kinda wish it would invade areas near my house, because I would snip up big bunches of the stuff, and start a Bittersweet branch stand down on the sidewalk. All my neighbors would stop and buy a bouquet of it wrapped in brown paper. Who can resist those sweet little branches chockfull of fat red berries dressed in waxy orange jackets? Since I am a fan of all things orange, I most certainly cannot. Even the name is cute!

Introducing a digital download of three images, it’s called Bittersweet Wreath.

For several members of our design teams, the idea of a Bittersweet Wreath was an exciting one, because they have prepared some lovely cards that will take your breath away with their simplicity, rich fall color, and in one case, very interesting framing.

I am so glad you came by today to see our new digi set — it is available for downloading RIGHT NOW, as in, you could be coloring this wreath in about 3 minutes.

Quick note, too, my friends, due to widespread internet connection problems on Friday, I am extending our digi and clear stamp sale until Wednesday. Here is the offer, and I thank you kindly for your interest!

Take care and I wish you a thoroughly joyful Tuesday!


Unknown said...

Absolutely Glorious!

Berina RGA said...

Very beautiful wreath!! I have not seen this type of vine anywhere here. I'm so glad you added a picture in the post. I really like seeing new types of plant, trees and flowers and learn about them!! I really like your posts!!
Moxie Craftie