Digis on the 5s release: Hyacinth Bulb in Glass

“I have an appointment with Spring.”
Henry David Thoreau, from his journals

Do you find yourself waking up a little bit earlier, bounding from bed with enthusiasm to greet the new day, the Spring-saturated air, tittering of the birds, the bright green emergence of plant life at every turn? When I read this missive from Thoreau the other day it stirred something in me, because I too feel that extra verve in the Spring. I strive to channel the feeling throughout the year, but it’s simply easy to get excited when renewal is happening all around you.

Today’s “renewed” illustration is a cherished one for me, for it pairs the energy of Spring with an appreciation for the old days. Hyacinth Bulb in Glass is a portrait of a splendid, fragrant flower sprouting from its hardy bulb, which has been suspended over water in a special “hyacinth glass”. Have you seen one like this before, or have you ever tried it yourself? 

The practice is known as forcing, essentially, bring the bulb into bloom by supplying it water and comfy place to sit (a special glass vase that cradles the bulb), and when placed in a window with some sunshine, the flowers burst forth. I first read about Hyacinth glasses in the early days of Martha Stewart Living magazine, and once I saw them, of course all of a sudden would notice them in antiques shops — they’d been there all along but I just hadn’t known the purpose. 

Let’s zip back to the 18th century Holland, when Hyacinth bulbs were quite the rarified rage. People could not get enough of the beautiful scents and rich colors, helping to drive the business of professional flower growing hot on the heels of the Tulip. Soon folks were forcing the bulbs into bloom indoors to brighten their windows when it was too chilly for anything to flower. 

In a nostalgic nod to these wonderful windowsill displays, we have Hyacinth Bulb in Glass, so that you can have blooming hyacinth whether or not you have a bulb and a glass. I’ve also lettered a quote by that glorious spirit, Coco Chanel, which is such an inspiring thought, it could be enlarged and used on its own!

Earlier this week a peek at this stamp set was spied on Instagram... you may want to lurk around over there and see what’s happening (it’s just an app you can add to your smart phone or tablet that enables you to add photos and interact with people all over the world so easily, and so visually!). Elizabeth Zaffarano (@saffronkingfisher)’s Hyacinth was printed out so that it is life-size! Makes coloring that much easier. 

We joked that she could spritz the card with perfume or essential oils so that it would smell as realistic as it looks. I would love to see people start doing that! 

Two of our lovely Instant Gardeners are helping me usher in this new digital stamp set, which you can download straight-away from the Power Poppy Shop. Come and long with me and let’s go see their full cards, and leave some sweet comments for our talented friends!

And my dear ones, I have some fun news for you... this month we are celebrating 3 years of Power Poppy! The anniversary of our very first stamp set sneak peek was April 1, 2014, featuring Springtime Love, and the month following was a thrilling whirlwind! Every month since has deepened my hopes that sharing the art from my heart will help spread good vibes and encourage  others to bloom in their own artistic ways — to bloom in their daily lives! I know that my experience starting Power Poppy, meeting you all, interacting with you either through email or comments or even through actual cards — means the world to me. I really don’t know how I’d have gotten through some of the rough stuff without the love, prayers, and encouragement of my peeps! I THANK YOU!!!

We’re going to celebrate 3 YEARS OF POWER POPPY all month long — and later today I’ll be announcing our first surprises, along with sharing favorite cards and creations of mine from Bloomies and customers alike. I hope you’ll join us, my darlings! Addendum... coming soon! (Sorry for the long wait, too much happenin’ on the home front)


Berina RGA said...

Such a beautiful image!! And wow! 3 years!! Congratulations Marcella. Thank you for giving us beautiful images.

Unknown said...

Wow! 3 years already??? Congratulations!
What a great image! Praying this is a newbie coming out!

SD pooja said...

Happy third Birthday to Power poppy ! Loved the hyacinth in glass image,I recently got hyacinth bulbs and the leaves have started to come up,Growing in special glass is new to me , Thanks for the info :)

creatingincolors said...

Wow! Another beauty!

Judy Woodland said...

So, so pretty. And so many possibilities. Hyacinths come in a myriad of colors. Happy birthday, Power Poppy. I can't believe it's been 3 awesome years!!

Dawn@Petals.Paper.SimpleThymes said...

Can it really be three years already? Heartfelt congratulations, Marcella, for all of the ways you and Power Poppy have bloomed! I remember ordering during your first release. :) Hyacinth Bulb in Glass is a real beauty! ♡

Ann said...

Marcella, Happy Birthday to Power Poppy! Can you believe that the first year you were open I didn't even know about Power Poppy. Such a shame, ha! When I did find you, I was so happy and knew instantly that you are a sister anthophile and love flowers as much as I do. Beautiful new digi. And it is always easier to get out of bed when the sun is shining, ha! And with all the rain we have had here in the midwest this spring, I am really cherishing those sunny mornings.

Elizabeth Zaffarano said...

Wow three years! That's so great, but I knew PP was something special when I got my first stamp sets: Azaleas and Springtime Love. May have to do something with those sets to celebrate!
PS--It's always a kick to get featured on a PP blog post :) But I'm laughing that we all did bluish-purple hyacinths! It's such an electric color, too tempting. But Judy (above) is right, they come in lots of gorgeous colors, perfect for Easter :D

Nanasniftynitch said...

Happy Anniversary #3 Such beauty shared by all.
XO April

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Marcy, I love reading your posts all the time, and it's a wonderful thing to celebrate three wonderful years of Power Poppy! A big congratulations, and I know that this will be an exciting month to celebrate...and I am so blessed that you are such an amazing artist and friend! Hugs! xoxo