Sunday, July 30, 2017

Abundance, Day 5: Under Glass, and ALL SETS AVAILABLE!!

Hello my friends — and thank you so much for coming by the Power Poppy blog today, I’ve been enjoying my visits with you all week. Our fifth clear stamp set from the Abundance collection is being revealed, and now you can shop for any stamps that might’ve piqued your fancy this week. I’m offering a fun promotion where you can save up to $30 on your order — scroll all the way down for the discount codes!

But first, let’s take a look under the glass...

Introducing a really sweet new clear stamp set, Under Glass. This set is pretty near and dear to my heart, because I love the idea of displaying objects under glass — whether you call it a cloche, bell jar, or glass dome, the concept is the same. Elevating what might be everyday objects by arranging them under sparkling glass, what a neat concept. It’s very “in” right now in the decorating world, and I thought it would be way too cute to bring into our card making world, too. Here are a few Pinterest photos of what I’m referring to....

Aren’t these the sweetest, most charming little scenes? Cloches were originally intended to act as miniature greenhouses, you’d place them atop tender plants in the garden to help generate warmth in the soil to keep a young or at-risk plant alive during chilly temps. But now, as you can see, people are coming up with all kinds of neat uses for these special glass domes. (I actually saw terra-cotta cloches when visiting Monticello, and thought that was SO neat, yet kind of a bummer that you could not peek at the vegetables underneath!)

Just wait until you see what the Bloom Brigade did with this set — I SWOON!!

NOW — GET THIS — EVERYTHING IS AVAILABLE TODAY!! And, when you buy two or more clear stamps at Power Poppy, you can save $$$$$. Check this out:

That’s some pretty big bucks back in your pocket, AND really cute stamps on top of that! :) Here are the codes for you to copy and paste into the discount code box at checkout:

$5 OFF When you buy 2 or 3 clear stamps

$15 OFF When you buy 4 or 5 clear stamps

$30 OFF When you buy 6 or more clear stamps 

You can use this promotion on ANY in-stock clear stamps – it does not have to be the newest of the new. Come stock up!! Promotion ends on Saturday, August 5 at midnight central time.

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Now for a recap of the stamps, and the BIG REVEAL of all 5 we’re offering in the Abundance Collection:

Whew, I think that’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed this week’s beautiful work by the Bloom Brigade — don’t you think this was some of their most amazing work YET? I hope their ideas and explosions of color and pattern rubbed off on you, and have you in the mood to MAKE!

One last thing... Power Puppy Tibbs says “Good Morning! And I’m going to chew all the things today!” Except for the stamp sets. No chewing on the stamp sets, Tibbs.



Trina P. said...

What a cool set. Cloche is a new concept to me. I've enjoyed my first release with Power Poppy. The BB are so talented with mad colouring skills. Very inspiring and thanks for the discounts.

Mary Holshouser said...

Love the glass. I can see Santa or a
nativity under there.

Marcella Hawley said...

Trina, I have just loved reading all of your comments all week — THANK YOU for taking the time and care to post. So happy to have you along for release week, welcome to our wonderful world!

Marcella Hawley said...

Oh Mary, dare I say, great minds think alike... wait 'til our Holiday release and you may be happy with what you see!

Traci M said...

I have cloches and love doing small vignettes, though I never knew their intended are always so informative as well as creative, Marcella!! Adore these sets, so beautifully illustrated and brought to life by the Bloomies!

Helen Budz said...

Marcella, what a delightful collection to showcase "under the glass". There are so many occasions for which one or more of these stamps will be so useful. Continued thanks for your wonderful designs. These five sets are great additions to you stamps.

Cary said...

All of the stamp sets this week are gorgeous but this last one is my favorite. Your talent is unquestionable and thank you for bringing new ideas and designs to your stamps. They truly don't look like anything else in the market.

CherylQuilts said...

WOW! That's all I can say, Marcy! What an amazing sneak peek and release this week! You have outdone yourself again, and the Bloomies were amazing! Each and every one of the gals are so talented, and your artistry and creativity...along with great posts are amazing! Thank you so much, and I look forward to playing with these new stamps! I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite!! Hehe! Hugs, and get some rest this week! Love! xoxo

Berina RGA said...

This is gorgeous!! I love this stamp set! So many different ways to use this glass jar. You are very talented!

Elizabeth Zaffarano said...

I bought the whole shebang! Can't wait to put those butterflies from Pure Prairie on those Zinnias, gild up that Tree of life, and see what else I can fit under that cloche!