Monday, July 24, 2017

Inspire Me Monday - No need to be traditional

Hey everyone, Jessie Banks here today, hopefully to kick your mojo into high gear and remind you that no flowers have to follow traditional colours!

I have coloured the Sunflower Power Digital stamp, every colour under the sun! And this Tiger Lily XL is quickly becoming the same thing. I love that about florals, just because something "should be orange or pink... doesn't mean I cannot colour it teal!!

Seriously I love this flower, the size is amazing! And if you have seen any of my work with the digital stamps here at Power Poppy, I tend to blow them up and crop this, and this stamp gives me that same effect just in clear form! P.S. keep your eyes peeled for a new release, I have it on pretty good authority that another XL stamp is going to have to come live with me!

Oh yeah, of course I have a process video of colouring this lovely image up!

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Esther Asbury said...

Beautiful bloom and gorgeous coloring! I enjoy changing up the colors of my flowers too - makes it more interesting! (smile)

Lisa said...

Wonderful coloring, I love the blue!

Going outside of the box is something I struggle with. If I know that a flower is supposed to be a certain color I have a hard time coloring it a completely different color (the Bubbles and Fizz set is a perfect example). I'm working on it though, trying to be more adventurous!

Heidi Stamps said...

It is freeing to color something any which way you like rather than realistically. Your flower is beautiful!

Berina RGA said...

Wow! This is beautiful!

Lynn Sullender said...

Thanks for the videos you do. I learn a lot watching and your hands don't get in the way. Art is real life anyway and I say do what is more comfortable for you to color. You've taken the time to do these videos and I really enjoy them. Thanks again!!!

CherylQuilts said...

Another fabulous video, Jessie, and I love the teal tiger lily! Great colors for it, and I love this giant flower! Makes such a great card! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I can't wait to try this.

Trina P. said...

Beautiful card. Love the unconventional colour, especially since I'm partial to blues. Great cool you're Canadian. I am too in BC.