Friday, August 25, 2017

Good Vibe 5: A Mish Mash of Inspiration

Hello peeps and welcome to a smorgasbord of ideas designed to give you a la carte bits of inspiration! We call it Good Vibe 5. We hope you agree that it is nothing but positive beams of creativity designed to bring out the best in life and in your crafting spaces!


You've heard of Pop Art. What about Pupp Art? Just look at the way Jane Crisci captured our very own Power Puppy Mr. Tibbs!!!! Can you even stand how cute this is? Jane mentioned using digital images to create this "scene" with Power Poppy's Easy Breezy Coneflowers in the forefront, but can you believe how awesome her rendition of Tibbs is, drawn from a photo in THIS Hues to Use challenge. Aall of us here at Power Poppy are completely taken by her creativity and talent! And Jane -- just a note -- Mr. Tibbs applauds your artistry. It reminded him of THIS MORNING when he nibbled on some of his master's precious zinnias for breakfast.


When Elizabeth gets to creating and then dares to give us little sneaky peeks, you kind of feel like saying, "Dang it, Elizabeth, why do you tease us like that???" ;-) Check out her latest masterpiece in the making where she digitally mastered Power Poppy's newest member of the Instant Garden, Cherries and Berries. Okay, now that we are all on the edge of our seat, I honestly can't wait to see the colored up version.  And, if you've not given digis a try, take this tutorial for a test drive. You're almost guaranteed an instant dose of gratification when you download, color and enjoy within minutes!


If you've been hanging with me on Tuesdays for Hues to Use, you know that I am just not ready for fall to color our world in shades of russet, amber, and plum. I adore this season, don't get me wrong. I truly love this season. I just am not ready to say goodbye to summer. That's why when I spotted this photo above of the lovely Bloomie Christine, I just had to celebrate her living life in full bloom! Even her tootsies are colored up in a summery shade! Christine, I so wish I could have joined you!


Do you ever have those days when you stamp out an image and have no idea what colors to reach for in order to bring that illustration to life? I was thumbing through the Power Poppy tutorial archives and stumbled upon this old tutorial from color whiz Ally Cope. Not only does she have a handful of samples showcasing how to mix and match colors, she prepped a video on color theory for sure-fire ways to pair different hues for stunning and visually appealing results! Grab a cuppa your favorite beverage and sidle up to the computer to give this a watch before you kick off your creative weekend.


Speaking of color, have we got some exciting news for you here in the Good Vibe 5! Mark your calendar people! Kathy Racoosin is just days away from kicking off another 30-Day Coloring Challenge! Yes, you heard it here! That's not all!!! A little birdie told me that when Kathy kicks off this challenge, she'll also be sneak peeking one of Power Poppy's newest images! Squeee! Like I said.. Mark your calendars! It's going to be a fun thirty-day ride!

We hope you got did indeed get a jolt of good vibes with us today! You've got a smile from Mr. Tibbs, a sneaky peek with Elizabeth, a dose of summer with Christine, a kaleidoscope of color with Ally and an invitation from Kathy! How much fun is all of that?

Now you get to have some more fun when you hop on over to see these fine ladies....

Well, that does it for us here on the Power Poppy blog! Be sure to "tune in" Monday when Jessie Banks takes center stage with her tips and tricks for the next Inspire me Monday!

See you back here then!


CherylQuilts said...

Well, this is a lot of beautiful inspiration for Friday! I LOVE Jane's card with Tibbs and the coneflowers! Ah, how dear! And so much other inspiration is fabulous! Such talent! And the Bloomies shares some gorgeousness with their cards! Love it all and am more inspired this morning after visiting! Hugs, all! xoxo

Berina RGA said...

I'm loving this Friday format. Lots of inspiration!! Awesome work by Jane!! Can't wait to see Elizabeth's masterpiece. Oh and can't wait for the coloring challenge. Watched Ally's video. So informative! Thank you for all the inspiration ladies!!

Jane Crisci said...

I have to admit, I felt tears in my eyes when Mr Tibbs "jumped" onto my computer screen. Thank you for this honor of helping to motivate all of those talented Power Poppy followers. The inspiration just keeps getting passed on and on. This is such a wonderful group of people!

Jane Crisci said...

Thank you so much!!!

Jane Crisci said...

Thank you for your kind words!!!

Wendy said...

I love Mr. Tibbs <3 Instant stardom!! He's adorable! Today is my kids' 1st day of school. 1 is a high school senior ~ the other a Sophomore! The whole growing up thing is bitter sweet but I can see my time opening up for some serious stamping time!!!!!!! Thanks for the great vibes!!

Julie Koerber said...

Awwww.... Jane! Thanks for popping in to share such kind thoughts! We are so humbled by all the talent that shows up on any given week and man, your little creation sharing a Mr. Tibbs look-alike was too cute not to feature! Keep creating! :-)

Julie Koerber said...

Wendy -- Enjoy any stamping/crafting time you can get but goodness, if I have one piece of advice -- soak up every minute you can with that high school senior. That year goes by like the blink of an eye. Goodness, those were the best times of our family life. It goes way too fast!

Jane Crisci said...

Thank you Wendy! Mr Tibbs was a great model!!

Essie said...

Congratulations, Jane! What a wonderful drawing of power puppy šŸ¶!!

Virginia said...

Beautiful coloring and stamps!

Donna said...

in LOVE with Mr. Tibbs!!!!
Stunning coloring!