Friday, November 10, 2017

Good Vibes from the South

Hello my friends, this week’s Good Vibe 5 is coming to you from Savannah, Georgia. I’m here for a few days with my BFF, Laurie, and have been exploring the streets and squares endlessly. What an incredibly rich history — everywhere you turn is a delightful historic scene and something wonderful to learn. I thought I’d share a few photos to bring you a smile and spark inspiration today, and don’t forget to catch the links to the Bloomies who are posting today! 

Historic homes, gardens, and decorative details abound. If it were possible for me to walk up and down every single street in this town, I would do it. I have made a pretty fair attempt at it. Check out the stairs in the image above, the creeping vines from the walls also line the rise of the staircase — terribly enchanting. This was a home with an antiques shop on the bottom floor.

The Southern Live Oak — featuring black acorns. Here’s a new idea for coloring your Olive and Oak stamps, my friends. Wow, I had never seen black acorns before and had no idea they exist. But these black beauties adorn countless Quercus virginiana trees throughout Savannah, and usually with a fair amount of Spanish moss dangling from the branches. Charming!

Eye candy at The Paris Market on Broughton Street. While I’ve stumbled upon a number of fun and quirky shops during our visit, there was something about the Paris Market that totally captivated my being. From the grand, totally unique vintage light fixtures to the basement caverns loaded with layers of creatively displayed antiques and modern goods, I seriously thought about asking if I could sleep in the shop. I thought better of this and left with a handprinted tablecloth and a few petite dip-dyed bottlebrush trees. 

Bakeries, bistros, and well-appointed bars. Seeking out memorable meals here in Savannah has been one of my favorites aspects of wandering the town. After gathering a wondrous pile of recommendations from friends, I made sure to stop into Back in the Day Bakery, owned by pastry chef, Cheryl Day, which was a retro-lover’s dream (along with some darned good salted honey pie bars!). The dining options have been phenomenal here, from dinner at a revamped Greyhound bus station to a British cheese-and-onion pasty for breakfast, let’s just say that it’s a good thing I’m walking so much around here, because I’m definitely loading up with some super delicious calories.

History, preservation, and opportunities for learning. For those curious about how our nation came to be, about those who founded and fought for our freedom, Savannah supplies endless inspiration. The 24 parklike ”squares” throughout historic downtown feature monuments and detailed plaques to explain each tribute, elegant, well-maintained grounds, and always, plenty of gorgeous trees just dripping with Spanish moss. For all you lifelong learners out there, this city is a goldmine.

Do YOU have any suggestions of neat things to see and do in Savannah? I’d love to hear your ideas and memories in the comments.

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Thanks so much for coming along on my little Savannah roundup! I’m posting lots of photos over on Instagram @marcellahawley if you are interested in seeing more. :) And now... let’s see what marvelous creations the Bloomies have been working on this week. 

You are seriously going to FLIP OUT when you see these cards, my friends... I’m sitting here with my mouth agape. 

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Wishing you a love-filled, relaxing weekend filled with wonder and creativity!


CherylQuilts said...

Oh my, Marcy, what a trip! I've never been to Savannah, but I have friends who have and loved it! And of course, my sister and her husband have a guitar business in Savannah. It's Benedetto Guitars, and they are masterpieces! They are sold worldwide and are the very best of acoustic guitars. Bob is a true artisan and luthier, and he even has a guitar at The Smithsonian. Have a wonderful rest of the trip, and the Bloomies made some gorgeous cards as always! Hugs and love! xoxo

Berina RGA said...

The place looks fabulous! Glad you are enjoying.

Bunny Dobbie said...

Yes! Go to The Tea Room and order the Mauritius tea. It’s divine! We went to Savannah years ago, from Canada, for one of our anniversaries. My husband orders and has them ship this tea to me for Christmas each year ever since. So there’s a must visit spot!

Bunny Dobbie said...

Oops! It’s at 326 Bull Street