Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Day 5: Holiday Treat Box

Hello, my sweet peeps! Julie here today with Day 5 of our 12 Days of Christmas extravaganza! If you are just joining us, you have some catching up to do! ;-) There's Katie's tagsStacy's Gift Card Holder, Tosh's Gift Bag Topper, and Mindy's Christmas Organizer! Be sure to click on the links so you can get some fun-filled ideas on ways to spread some homemade cheer!

If you play along with us during any one of the 12 days and try our project at hand, link up your creation HERE and you’ll be in the running for our Power & Spark 12 Days of Christmas Challenge. That’s right – you’ll have 12 ways to enter. Play along once or try all 12 days for more chances to win a $50 shopping spree to the Power Poppy Shop!

On to my creation! 

During this time of year, I am always looking for fun ways to package up small things. Maybe it's some of my Cookies & Cream Truffles, Peanut Butter Toffee, boxes for jewelry, gift cards... well, you get the idea! So, I did some "figuring" and came up with this little handled box that is perfect for all of those things.... and more!

So, let's get started on how to make this super easy box! This little creation took just minutes to cut, score and fold and afterward, I had a ton of fun decking it out with a little bit of sparkle! 

I started with an 8-1/2" by 11" piece of red cardstock...

And scored on the longest side at the 1-1/2", 2-1/2", 4-1/2", 6-1/2", 8-1/2" and 9-1/2" lines.

Now, you'll flip the paper 90 degrees and score at the 2" line. Flip the paper 180 degrees and score there at the 2" line as well. 

Now you are going to cut out sections of these scored areas, like so! I've blacked out all the places you need to cut. On the flaps in the middle scored section, I only shaved off an inch on those so that the box could fit together nicely.

And this is what it looks like afterward. I also angled the cuts on that center flap area so that the paper didn't bunch when I ended up gluing all the flaps! And, for a little something extra, I did corner round the two top flaps. You don't need to, of course, but use any kind of decorative corner punch you have for a little extra pop of interest! 

Oh, and here's an extra tip for you! What's fun is, if you have a Fiskar's trimmer that has an arrow showing you where the blade is, you can make quick work of all this cutting, just by lining up your scored lines with the cutting trough. See?

To fold, all folds are mountain folds except the ones at the 1-1/2" and 9-1/2" marks. Those are valley folds. 

From here, you can see that I sandwich that short flap in between the full-size flaps and tape them together like so. One behind... 

And the next flap will go in front. You can see that I already have those flaps all taped up, ready to secure. 

And this is what it looks like taped up -- nice clean edges!

Here's a peek inside my box! You can see there's a bit of room for goodies! You can also see that I lined up my front and back top flaps, marked a spot for holes and then punched so that I could later string some cording through to hold it all together.  

From there, I measured that front panel and got 4-1/2" by 2". So, to make sure my digital stamp fit properly, I created a canvas to fit that measurement in PhotoShop. I used Power Poppy's Gingerbread Family digital stamp set. 

From there, I printed and colored it all up! Adding a bit of razzle dazzle with the help of glitter glue after I was done. I used a scalloped circle punch with some red glitter paper and a circle punch for the sentiment from the Simple Joys stamp set by Power Poppy. 

This little box was super fun and super fast to create. Remember, if you give this project a try, be sure to link up your creation HERE so that you're entered in this month's 12 Days of Christmas Power & Spark Challenge for a $50 Shopping Spree to the Power Poppy Shop!

Thanks so much for joining me today! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Christine's project that would be a beautiful addition to any mantle, doorway, or even around the tree! See you then!



Nicola Gold said...

Fabulous Julie. I've pinned similar boxes, but haven't tried one yet

ionabunny said...

Oh, that is a fun box. Think I need to try this. Hugz

Julie Koerber said...

Thanks Nicola! This one was super duper easy! You should give it a whirl! ;-)

Julie Koerber said...

You should give it a try Iona! :-)

Conniecrafter said...

that is just the cutest little box and love the coloring of the little gingerbread men~~

Marcella Hawley said...

Jules, you make it all sound so easy - and then you decorated it to be out-of-this-world adorable!! Thank you, too, for including the link to your recipes!! I'm all over that toffee. You are so wonderful!

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Julie, this is absolutely the most darling treat box ever! I love the sweet gingerbread family, and the house is so darling! Your coloring is beautiful, and thank you so much for the step-out photos! I absolutely love it and may try to make one for my friend for this weekend's Christmas tea that she has every year!! Hugs! xoxo

Mary Holshouser said...

Love the gingerbread box.
The coloring is great and
will be a welcome addition
to decorations at this time
of year.
thanks for sharing.

Nicola Gold said...

I'm on it right now 😉

Marianne said...

Such a fun little project.