Friday, January 19, 2018

Good Vibe 5 featuring the Weekend Stamp Steal!

Hey there, friends, Happy Friday! Jump on in to explore this week’s round-up of visual stimulation... 

Good Vibe #1

We’re totally getting in on this coloring craze. What?! It’s more than a crazy? It’s a lifestyle!!! Trying to encourage all of us to work a little bit of colorful relaxation into each day is the goal of Kathy Racoosin, founder of the Daily Marker 30 Day Coloring Challenge, and a real hero of ours! Why, Marcella has even colored TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW. Leaning over the arm of the sofa to try to see by not-so-great lamplight, and having the time of her life! (Above, Marcy watercolored the clear stamp set Natural Beauties). Get in on the fun, just click here for all the details. It’s free, and it makes you feel good on many levels!

Good Vibe #2

Hurry, hurry!! TWO DAYS ONLY to get in on the Weekend Stamp Steal! Each time we have these specials, the stamps sell out lickity split — be sure to get in on it quickly before we have to re-order!! All of these are perfect for coloring in the 30 Day Coloring Challenge. 

Save $5 on the clear stamp set 

Save $3 on TWO of our digital stamps: 
Bees in Foxglove and the wonderfully rich Ranunculus

Good Vibe #3

Our dear Bloomie Christine Okken wrote the most beautiful post about her Word of the Year, and we thought you’d enjoy reading all about it, and seeing how Christine is displaying it for maximum reassurance. How inspiring: the Scripture, the post, and the woman who shared it with us on Instagram (Follow her @christinecreations17).

Good Vibe #4

Our Instant Gardener, coloring queen, and POWERHOUSE of energy, Rhea Weigand is sharing her creative talents with us with new Coloring Classes! Here’s a freebie from Facebook, where Rhea colors up our very latest digital design, Rosé All Day. Catch Parts 1 & 2:

Good Vibe #5

We are loving the response to our Power & Spark Challenge this month, Grab a Map! Our designers are collaborating with Becky Fleck’s to create a card layout based on one of Becky’s TEN awesome card layouts for January. We love how our customer Nana Donna was inspired by one of the vertical layouts to create this SUPER-CUTE birthday card with our Pansies digital stamp set!! Look at those jewel-tones!! (Where did she get such a rich and wonderful palette, you ask? Why, from our Hues to Use of course.) Go check out the sketches and enter your card in our challenge for a chance to win $50 to spend at Power Poppy.

And now for the link list you’ve been waiting for all week... 

Come see what’s been brewing on the craft table’s of our design team, the Bloomies!

We hope you have a totally spectacular Friday!! Embrace every moment you get, and hey, while you’re at it... go schedule that mammogram! xoxoxo
Big hugs from Marcella & Julie


Berina RGA said...

Lot of beautiful vibes. It's nice to see the beautiful creations. Will check out Rhea's videos. I missed that. Thanks for sharing :)

Tracey M said...

Hi, I read your last post regarding your what you have been thru, I know that must of been such an ordeal for you and you are so BRAVE to share it with everyone, really BRAVE!! I am so HAPPY to hear it is working out for you, BLESS YOU !! I have to tell you, I thank you for sharing your story, my mom had Breast Cancer many years ago, she did have to have a mastectomy, but has thankfully been cancer free for years now, I am over 50 and have never had a breast exam due to fear and fibromyalgia BUT I have to tell you I have been seeing "signs" ALL over the place lately, sort of telling me that it is time to do it. So I just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing you story, you never know you might save a life, that is a very deep thing to say but it just might be true, so good for you !!! Thank you, Hugs and Prayers !

CherylQuilts said...

It's so wonderful to see "the artist" herself coloring up her own artwork! It makes my heart glad, especially on this journey, sweet Marcy! You are so dearly loved, and I thank you for sharing yourself and your journey. Amen on the mammograms! Loved the Bloomies' cards (as always), and thanks and hugs! xoxo