Creative Confetti: BACK TO SCHOOL Edition

Are you ready to throw down? YES WE ARE! It's time, my sweet stamping friends, for another explosion of crafty fun. And, this one is just in time for some pretty big days ahead for the kiddos or even grand-kiddos in our lives! Let's get right to the....

This little challenge is chocked full of new ideas each and every week to help you change your point of view when you hit your crafting spaces. We want to help you stretch new creative muscles and guess what? We're right with you every step of the way! If you play along with us, link up your creation below for a chance at a $25 gift code to the Power Poppy Shop.

Did you know that we only have ONE linky for the month. That means that if you try all of the challenges, you get EXTRA chances! Click HERE for our first challenge of the month and HERE for our second!


On to my creation! 

Who else gets excited when school supplies are on sale? You do too? Do you stock up on notebooks and highlighters and want a pencil pouch even though you really don't need one but it sparkles and it's cute and you think you NEED IT? Well goodness! I am so glad I am not alone! In a recent shopping trip with my daughter, this little idea for Creative Confetti was born. I thought I could raid her stash of Crayola markers and nab a few other things and use them in my next crafty pursuit. And so, my friends, I did just that!

What I forgot was, my daughter is a sophomore in high school and really hasn't needed Crayola markers for a while! Thankfully, she's a packrat and we found this old pouch full of markers that appear to have had a pen or something explode all over them. Beggers can't be choosers, I guess!

The real problem was -- I had no idea if they had any juice left in them! So, out came the notepad and I started a scribble fest!

Lucky for me, I had a great range of colors!

And we dug through some other things and found some old note cards and some colorful paperclips as well. So, with my items chosen, it was time to get crack-a-lackin'! After looking at the scribbles, I kept seeing primroses -- over and over in fact. Look at that color range. It was pretty much perfect for Power Poppy's Potted Primroses set. Don't you agree?

From there, I grabbed the stamp set and some watercolor paper and stamped! I wanted to show this because, I have the hardest time stamping on watercolor paper. That's where the MISTI stamping tool is PRICELESS! See how my image is less than desirable on that lower flower? Well, ink and stamp it again and it's perfect!

So, you might ask, how did you plan to use your daughter's markers to color? Well, it is just this simple folks! I chose the range of colors that I wanted, and this is where the magic happened! I grabbed a water brush and an acrylic block and used the brush to pick up the scribbled color on the block.

I will say that some colors were a bit too bold. The greens weren't great so I ended up scribbling two shades of green together and mixing up the color to be a deeper green. I also didn't have a real terra cotta color, so I took orange, red and that burgundy and mixed those three together on a palette. 

And here's the finished, colored up bunch! 

And, here's a look at the whole finished card -- complete with 1. Crayola markers 2. a paperclip 3. an index card and 4. some glitter glue (what kid doesn't like using glitter glue in school???) So, yes, I even earned a little extra credit on this one! 

Well, that was fun, eh? Now, my friends, it's your turn! And, so, I give you the "Official Rules!" 

  • Create a card or project that uses a few school supplies in the creative process! 
  • Use Power Poppy stamps if you have them, if not, you might win some if you're randomly chosen. Each month, we'll round up all those that play in any of the month’s Creative Confetti challenges, and draw a name from the entries to win a $25 GIFT CARD for the Power Poppy Shop!
  • To enter, link up your creation below, sharing the direct link to your card from your blog, Instagram, or card gallery. 
  • Our link will be open all month for you to play along with us! Try one Creative Confetti Challenge or partake in them all for extra chances to win.

So, now all that's left is for you to raid your kids or grandkids stash of school supplies and get a little crafty. Heck, you could even invite your kiddo or grandkiddo to be a part of the process! How much fun would it be to have an afternoon of crafting with those pint-sized loves of your life! Of course, when you're done, don't forget to link up your creation(s)! 

Until next time!

a.k.a The Creative Confetti Thrower


Marcella Hawley said...

Julieeeee, this is so much fun, I was laughing as I was reading along!! You are a clever lassie. Your card gets an A+ and yes, extra credit for your ingenious method of using those Crayola markers. Made me smile to see Potted Primroses in the spotlight, toooo!! You are on fire with these challenges, girl!

Heidi MyLittleStampingBlog said...

Super cute!

Lisa said...

Your card is fabulous, great way to use the items!

You're definitely making me put my thinking cap on with these challenges!

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Julie, what a fun challenge this week! I really love how you've raided your daughter's "packrat" supplies and made a beautiful card! Guess you aren't feeling as badly about the packrat, eh? LOL! I love the DP and love your coloring, along with the great layout! Thanks for sharing this fun card and great challenge! Hugs! xoxo

KathyA. said...

I love the paperclip with a snippet of ribbon tied to it. Great little embellie. Gonna CASE it! Thanks!