Fresh Digi Releases Today!

Hello my friends ~ and welcome to our first Instant Garden introduction of 2020. The TWO digital downloads we are ushering in today made a brief appearance last year as the subjects of a coloring class with Kit & Clowder. And now I’m happy to make them available to everrrrrrybody! 

Lisa Johansen created a butterfly card bursting with candy shop colors!
These two images explore several themes. Among them are change, transformation, and self realization. And we’ve brought in the concepts of time and flight. I originally composed these images along with Alyce Keegan, whose insights into what might be fun and challenging for colorers and crafters is fabulously spot-on. 2020’s introductions include a few more twists.

It’s Time to Fly...
Time to Fly in watercolor by Jessie Banks
and here is Shimmering Flight!
Shimmering Flight captured beautifully in markers and pencils by Allison Cope

Turquoise gem version by Barbara Campbell
Can you even? Our designers brought these images to life so beautifully, filled with spirit and vibrancy! The illustrations are filled with details and interesting areas to add your unique spin.

With butterflies, anemones, and the gears of time, Time to Fly comes with three variations in the download: One as seen above, one with the butterfly wings much simplified, and one with more simple watch hands for a crisp look. 

Shimmering Flight a juicy stalk of hollyhocks (as seen all over the place in New Mexico on my trip last summer), and nestled inside is a jewel where a dragonfly has landed. A second option has a wonderful turquoise-and-silver pendant in the style of Native American jewelry. This image comes both with and without the dragonfly friend. 

Each digital download comes with a few variations and all images are in both black and very light grey for “no-line” coloring.

Broni Holcombe even paired her stunning watercolor of Time to Fly — isn’t this a fun color combo? — with a sentiment printed onto vellum from another of our digital sets.

Gloria Stengel’s Time to Fly progress

I always love to see a process shot, and was thrilled to see Gloria Stengel’s work as she adds tiny details in pencil. Look at those gear details and the tiny dots on the butterflies! 

Enjoy working with these images, and if you purchased them while taking the Kit and Clowder classes, you should have gotten an email with links to download the updated variations.

Happy weekend, everyone!


Heidi MyLittleStampingBlog said...

So creative!

Barbara said...

What an amazing post, Marcy!

Camille Short said...

These are stunning! Very elegant! Beautiful colors!

Henri√ętte Creatively Happy said...

Ohh my.. these are stunning! Great job done Marcella.
And what a beautiful cards you all made with them.
I love especially the colourcombination Broni made, so gorgeous, it has a Springfeeling.
Thank you all for the great inspiration with those stunning new stamp sets and have a wonderful week.

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