Quiet Christmas Launches Now!


Hello to everybody!! I hope you’re as pumped up as I am to see this new collection — I’ve aimed to give you some of the most charming images I’ve ever drawn! In my whole life.

I first named this release Quiet Christmas, because with all of the heaviness of the pandemic, and the politics, upheaval, restlessness... this year will undoubtably be quieter. It may also end up being a more meaningful Christmas. A season where we are called to Reflect, Renew, and Rejoice. (When that phrase popped into my head, I knew I needed to include it in one of my stamp sets, which you’ll see in a few days).

Our Bloomie, Stacy Morgan, mentioned after seeing the designs for this collection, that this wasn't seeming as much a Quiet Christmas as it was QUITE A CHRISTMAS. Well, I thought that was supremely clever, so I added that to the name.

And now, some business about how things will go a little differently for this release:

Let’s start out with our *new* format for this release. Instead of sharing our blog posts in the morning like we've done for years, we're going to post every evening — for 5 nights in a row

Each night you’ll have a few options: You may purchase the clear stamp we’ve revealed — which will ship out to you after November 6. And/or you can purchase the digital download versions of the illustrations and sentiments — IMMEDIATELY. No waiting. Purchase, download, print, and you can be making a card within 10 minutes.

PLUS: For the first time in the history of Power Poppy, I'M OFFERING BUNDLES of clear stamps for a limited time. You can pre-order the 5 stamp sets that we’re sharing in October. You can also pre-order the 5 stamp sets that we're sharing in November. You only get a little sneak peek at them at first, though... you have to go on blind faith, knowing how much you love your Power Poppy stamps, or you can wait until the full reveal, if any of the bundles are left. xoxo!!

So let’s get rolling. 

Introducing: Mossy Pots with Paperwhites

Dainty, fresh, white, and bright — Paperwhites are as chic and satisfying on a buffet or windowsill as they are on a handmade card. This finely etched clear polymer stamp set includes one large focal image of a plaid tureen planted with bulbs and moss, a satiny ribbon, and glass ornaments. Secondary images include a smaller egg cup with a single bulb, and a grouping of a jonquil bloom, holly, and ornaments. Five sentiments make this set versatile and timeless. The size is 4 x 6".

Preorder Mossy Pots with Paperwhites Clear Stamp

Here are our digital download options, which are available to purchase, download, and print right now:


Maybe before you jump in to grab our newest designs, you’d like to get inspired by the Bloomies? I get it, I get it. I mean, I reallllly get it. The Bloom Brigade is now 21 designers strong, and this group of women inspire me to give my all. ENJOY!

Let’s go see some of the marvelous cards made by the Bloomies — I promise these are going to get you in the MOOD to MAKE.

Power Poppy Blog << You are here!

Jenny Colacicco 

Leslie Miller

Broni Holcombe

Barbara Campbell 

Nancy Sheads

Christine Okken

Gloria Stengel

Allison Cope

Cheryl Scrivens

Stacy Morgan

Barbara Walker

Julie Koerber

Jenn Dove

Lisa Johansen

Catherine Anderson

SathyaKala Sankaran

If you’d like to head straight to the store, here’s the link one more time:

See you all back here TOMORROW NIGHT! We go live at 5pm central. Bye for now...


Unknown said...

I love each one of these! Paperwhites are one of my favorites Christmas time flowers! The art work is just wonderful!

Gloria Stengel said...

Wow Bloomies! What a great display!

Henriëtte Creatively Happy said...

Wow Marcella they are awesome!
And Bloomies what a stunning cards your all made, thank you so much for all these beauties.

Donna Phelan said...

Beautiful stamp set. Love the name, it's perfect and that Happy 2021 sentiment--we can all hope, yes? Gorgeous creations from your Team. WOW!!!

Diana Degan said...

Loving your new release and your quiet addition to our fall crafting time.. we've been waiting for you. Thank you.

Beth Speakman said...

So excited about your new release! It has been too long to go without your beautiful stamp sets!! Love the Paperwhites ! Bloodiest your cards are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful!

Beth Speakman said...

Bloomies your cards are breathtakingly beautiful!! I am so excited about this long awaited release. I love the Paperwhites stamp set and can't wait to start creating!!! Thank you Marcella!! It is worth the wait.