Monday, January 11, 2021

Inspire Me Monday ~ Just Go For it!


Happy Monday everyone!  I'm Ally and I'm your hostess for Inspire Me Monday this week.

When I went to design something to share with you today, I can honestly say I was a little stumped.  I couldn't rattle anything off of the top of my head.  

So when I'm stumped I generally go to Pinterest to get inspired.  Sometimes I type in a color to strike up an image that will get the creative juices flowing.  Sometimes it's looking at glorious florals or sometimes it's even different patterns someone has drawn in their bullet journal.  

This time, I typed in the word "watercolor".  I scrolled.  But not for long when this image got those mental creative juices flowing...


The looseness of the color.  The cooler, bluer tones with the slight touch of warmth.  I was inspired!

So I started by choosing my medium of choice.  I choice watercolor, just like the piece of art.

So I pulled out my watercolor paper and some ink refills that I was going to attempt to use.

I laid down a lot water all across the paper and just dropped soft color in at will.   Some soft purples, some somber blues with a touch of warm peachy tones... there!

Next I grabbed the large floral heart from the "Always Here" stamp set and stamped right in the swirling pool of color.

I then took all of my blues and purples and peach colors and began to losey drop them into the individual blooms and leaves and berries.  I didn't care if I keep my color inside the lines.  I wanted it to f.l.o.w....

I went a little warmer with my colors by adding a bit more of that peachy color but over all I like the loose, unconfined feeling of the final card.

Thanks for dropping by today!  I hope I've inspired you to create.  Now go... CREATE!

~ Ally ~

stamps: Power Poppy (Always Here)
cardstock: Strathmore Watercolor Paper
inks: Versafine (Black Onyx), Catherine Pooler Designs (It's a Boy, Serenade, Stone Blue, Bellini, Royal Treatment)
sequins: Studio Katia (Crystal Clear Confetti)


Broni said...

Absolutely breathtaking, Ally!! I love this so much!

Henriëtte said...

It's gorgeous Ally, I love the softness colours and losely look of your image.
Thank you so much for the inspiration, stay safe and have a wonderful day.