Monday, March 1, 2021

Inspire Me Monday - Thinking of Spring!


Hello, Power Poppy Fans! It is my turn again to bring you the Inspire Me Monday project. I continue to be plagued with migraines, exhaustion, and joint pain. I appreciate everyone who has prayed for me over the past months! It is so frustrating and debilitating! I have been trying to do EVERYTHING on my good days, which is not that...well that good for me! 

Now, what an uninspiring opening! However, I know that many of you are also battling "stuff" right now, and you can relate. I also know, like me, you are probably looking for that light at the end of the tunnel. For me that light is spring and Easter. I live where the weather is pretty fine all year round, but for those who live in snowy climates, you must be ready for SPRING!

To get that spring feeling, I pulled out a bunch of spring images and printed them in a large, coloring book page size. If you go to the Power Poppy Store, and do a search on "spring" you will see many amazing stamps pop up!
I pulled out some colored pencils and started to color and experiment. I tried this pencil brand on that paper. I tried this color combo of green, and then that other one. I played and flitted around like a butterfly! I spent a lot of time planning, which is my normal mode of operation. 

However, I really needed to just get to it! I knew that I may only have one good day out of three, and here I was fiddle-faddling around! Mercy sakes!
In the end, I settled on printing this image (Lilac and Lemons) onto kraft cardstock to color with colored pencils. This is as far as I got because, I continued to be bothered by the fact that this brand of pencils does not have color names! They each have a unique number, but no names! Because my brain cannot let go of something once I latch onto it, I decided to give each and every one of the 168 pencils in this set a name! Yes, I did! (If you are interested in such things, visit my personal blog on March 11th to see the end product.)

I had a few happy days researching colors and thinking up descriptive color names, and just having a creative party for myself! Which did not translate into a finished project in time for today's post, but it did give me a fun boost of creativity!

At this point in time, I have been allowing my creativity to go off on adventures. If I don't I am simply unable to create at all. But, although I did not actually MAKE anything I still wanted you to have something to look at. Here are a few of my past spring inspiration pieces!
I colored this project last month, over a few weeks time. The image is the Volumes of Beauty digital stamp. I colored this with only Crayola colored pencils! I was proving a point about coloring with inexpensive materials. I love how this turned out, even with budget products!
This is the Shimmering Flight digital stamp colored with Copics and glitter gel pen. I love the different textures on this project!
This bright "pop in the eye" project was also colored with Copics. The image is the Luminous Bouquet digital stamp. This panel is one of  a series that I colored a few years ago. I place these panels on my desk each month for a spot of color and inspiration! I highly recommend surrounding yourself with your own creative efforts! 

I hope that you get inspired to grab some spring images, some spring colors, and have a day of colorful play! Don't feel like you must have a finished project at the end of it. Just explore your creative spirit and see what happens! 

Thanks for stopping by!


Ellibelle said...

Your coloring is absolutely amazing, Gloria. And loving each one of these image and such beautiful cards!

Barbara said...

Gloria, you did it again! Fabulous post!

ednamburgess said...

Sorry you aren't feeling up to par but you still do beautiful work on your cards. Love the colors you picked for each one. But I too, like names on my markers, inks and other things. But I never would have gone to all the time and work you did to name them. I may have bought new ones instead. What can I say. I'm crazy. Feel better soon. We are from the north country where it's cold, ice and snow, although this week have had quite a lot of 30 and 40 degree temps and a lot more sun, so that's cheery. But my craft room is in the basement though but I have tons of bright lights and lots of music playing. Enough of my tale.

Cynthia said...

Lovely inspiration, Gloria! Sending healing thoughts your way.

Henriëtte said...

Great to read that you had a little creative party for yourself, I also don't like it when colours have only numbers.
I so can understand that you do to much when feeling well. I'm right now typin with joint pain in my hands, among other things, so I know what I'm talking about. I don't think I have to tell you that that is the worst thing you can do and that you better do everyday, despite of your pain, colouring 5 or 10 minutes than half a day when feeling well.
I hope that it will be Spring soon and that you than will feel much better and have less pain. The sun is often a great healer.
Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous colouring, stay safe and a big hug.

Camille Short said...

Brilliant work!