Inspire Me Monday: Small Stamps, Big Impact


HEY FRIENDS! Nancy here with this week's edition of Inspire Me Monday for Power Poppy! This week I took a look at my collection of clear stamps from Power Poppy to see if I could come up with a way to use them differently. I noticed that often Marcella includes small images in addition to the main image and sentiments and I hardly ever use them. So I decided to pull out my stamps, take a closer look at that the small stamps and sentiments, and see what I could come up with. 

So today, I have three different cards that use the small stamp images in different ways. For the first card, I combined images from Merry Littles with sentiments from Cozy Cupfuls. I arranged the stamps in three rows of three, inserting the sentiments between the rows.

For added interest, I staggered the order of the images so that each row was a little different. Although there are three of each image, the coloring went relatively fast since the images were small. 

My second card is a variation of the first. I selected images from the Bough Wow Wow and Berry Sweet Holiday stamps sets and combined them with a sentiment form the Let it Glow stamp set. I repeated the pattern for each row instead of staggering the images.

For the last card, I selected a single image and two of the smaller sentiments from the Garden of Gratitude stamp set. I love the simplicity of this combination.

Now you could probably do this with digital images, but I found it easier to use physical stamps so I could mix and match stamps and rearrange them to find the best designs. 

So pull out your stamp sets and take another look at all of those little stamps. Most of all, have some fun!



KathyA. said...

What sweet cards! I especially like the mitten tictactoe one! (Decided that I needed this set... only to find it is sold out! Guess I am not the only person inspired by your cards, Nancy. It's now on my wish list!)
Kathy A (aka myasperations)

Pia S said...

I really like these cards, and the top 2 ones have very to me inspiring layouts. Love!