Here Come the Hellebores!

The snipped branches of Holly on my mantel are practically petrified, the Christmas tree is starting to droop... I think you might agree, it’s high time we got some FRESH FLOWERS up in this joint! And no better flower to usher in a new month of digital stamps than the mighty, mighty Hellebore.

Once established in the garden, I do believe Hellebores are indestructible. Their scissor-edged leaves are tough like leather, they bloom when there is SNOW on the ground, and then their mysterious and seemingly delicate blossoms last for months and months and mon.... they are one of my favorite plants, hands down.

Here are some hot-n-heavy Hellebores in bloom in my mom and stepdad’s garden last spring, just to give you an idea of their fierce beauty, and a peek at some of the colors. If you do a Google search, you’ll see that the range is huge, and many times the colors are combined in the same plant. From pure white to ivory, from the palest lemon to intense chartreuse, through every intensity of pink, into deep purple, blue... and even black.

This one’s a double, with twice the petals for maximum speckled awesomeness.
I am not above lying on the ground to get a good shot... and to become one with the earthy goodness that gives birth to these beautiful plants. Look at the subtle shades of yellow and peach and chartreuse... heralding life and cheerfulness to the garden.
Delicate or indestructible? You be the judge!
Hellebores: They’re just cool.

Today I have a digital stamp set for you featuring my remixed illustration and an inspiring sentiment to match that features this queen of the winter garden. I call it Hellebores. You know sometimes I will try to come up with a snappy name for these sets, but with this one, why even try? My inclination was to call it, “Oh, hell ya! Hellebores Rule!” but I don’t know how well that one would go over. So let’s just keep it simple. Introducing: Hellebores!


Wouldn’t you like to see what a few of our inspired artists, our Instant Gardeners and Bloom Brigade design teams, have done with my Hellebores? After you take a trip ’round to their blogs, I hope you’ll come back and give Hellebores a try in your crafty garden.

Take care and thank you so much for coming to check in with us! Enjoy yourself in whatever adventures you pursue today.


Unknown said...

WOW! How gorgeous.....it's snowing here so this is a great pick-me-up!

Melanie Ann MacKenzie said...

Just beautiful Marcy... as always. Cheers.

Heidi MyLittleStampingBlog said...


Barb said...

Such beautiful blooms! I always enjoy reading your posts...they are full of information along with a touch of humor. The digital stamp set is lovely, as well. The sentiment speaks to my heart.

Bobbi-spapertrail.blogspot.com said...

YOWZA!!!! OK, enough is enough already! I've been lurking around your blog and Leslie and Christine's as well. I have yet to buy one of these beauties, but only because I was trying to be good and watch my wallet. NO MORE! 2016 is going to be the year I just do it, and maybe I'll stretch my wings a little and actually enter a challenge! These are GORGEOUS and I love your photos!

ChristineCreations said...

Woo Hoo Bobbi! Go for it! :)

Ann said...

Beautiful digi. The DT created some lovely cards with it.

Berina RGA said...

Very beautiful flowers!! Love this!!
Moxie Craftie

Jean said...

Wow- wonderful flowers!

creatingincolors said...

What a gorgeous image! Love this!