Hues to Use: Daylily Delight!

Hello all! Another EXCITING day here on the Power Poppy Blog! It's Tuesday, which means that we have another explosion of color to shoot into the world wide web, hoping to cover card makers far and wide with a heavy dose of creative inspiration! It's time for the next Hues to Use! 

This week's delish color combo was born right in the lush land that surrounds Marcella's home that she lovingly dubs her "terrarium." Some of the Bloomies had the distinct pleasure of visiting Marcella's garden and man, it is a sight to see -- everything impeccably kept with the perfect variation of greenery and color tucked into every square inch! This week's color inspiration features her Hemerocallis-- a drop-dead gorgeous daylily -- rich with shades of fuchsia, lime green, and pale pink. Truly swoon worthy, wouldn't you say??

Now to the second part of the fun today. We have ANOTHER guest joining the ranks here on Hues to Use. This sweet lady is someone who has been wowing us all at Power Poppy for quite a while! Take a trip through her Instagram -- ESCards  and you'll see why. Wowza, tons of Power Poppy Goodness there folks! Well, enough rambling from me! Let's hear a little bit about this uber talented lady and see this week's Hues to Use Creation!


Taken inside the Taj Mahal by the tour guide who was looking out through a marble honeycomb screen at Essie. 

"I am originally from a very (very) small town in rural Ohio, and was raised by a crafty mother—who did a lot of needlework, knitted, and gardened. Her hands were never still and she loved to make things. We made our own Valentine cards every year using old holiday cards, sequins, and glitter. Crafts are sort of a big part of my childhood. I stopped crafting after college while I poured everything I had into my career as a military officer. Nowadays, I’m a civil servant for a very large government agency just outside Washington DC. I am beyond fortunate to have a kind husband who indulges my crafty habit. He’s my best friend and my much better half. We have one teen boy (Thing One) and a tween girl (Thing Two), who make me laugh and keep me on the road driving to all the usual kid activities. Thing Two is my card critic and has her own table in the “Craft Lair." We have a very spoiled, slightly aged cat who views our family as her on-call Glam Squad. She calls often and loudly.

A couple of years ago, when Thing One and Thing Two were suddenly old enough to not need me every second of my non-working hours, I rediscovered crafting—first I made birthday party decorations, and then a few red rubber stamps and an ink pad or two came home with me from the local big box craft store. I discovered card making through You Tube and Flickr. There was a slippery slide (okay, it was a headfirst plunge) into cling stamps, die cutting, Cpics, colored pencils, heat guns, and the like.

Power Poppy stamps and digis became a go to. I love the delicacy of the flowers and the original, fun sentiments. Those stamps make me feel like an artist, even though I’m certainly not. Marcella and Bloomies never disappoint and their generosity and enthusiasm, which come through on your blog posts and pictures loud and clear.

My Hues to Use Card using Flowers, Always

I’ve remade this card three times—which never happens with me, but I really wanted to make something special. And, not gonna lie, that color triple was a little challenging for me, although I’ve grown to love it. I hope you’ll like the results! 

The one above on gray cardstock was my first attempt (colored pencils), but Thing One said, “it’s very dark..is that a sympathy card?” Thanks, son. So, back to the drawing board. 

Next go round, on white Neenah with Copics, was better, but the background was (Thing Two said this): “Meh.” She was right, dang it. 

So, I carefully peeled off the card and the second iteration backing, used a stencil with texture paste, distress inked the textured stenciled stripes on the background and now we all agree… better! And this is a BIG card, measuring 9X5 inches. 

I do love to enlarge Marcella’s pretty designs, and this design of hers reminds me of the Elizabethan embroidery designs and tole painting (I think that’s what it’s called) my Mom played with when I was a kid. I remember liking this sort of design so much as a teenager that I embroidered my jeans with similar flowers and leaves. I have a picture of an apron pocket I embroidered for my mother back then that she later cut apart and framed and gave me as a housewarming present. It hangs in my kitchen.

Thanks for letting me take part in Hues to Use. I'm quite excited about my very first guest design spot -- to have it be for Power Poppy is a double-daydream come true! I am such a card geek!

Esther a.k.a. "Essie"

Well, Ms. Essie, the pleasure was all ours! We love your take using Flowers, Always and do see that beautiful similarity between your stamped creation and that beloved embroidery that you crafted so long ago! Well done my stamping friend!

I do have a piece of news too! Essie shares that she will have a blog soon and I have to say that I personally cannot wait to see all the beautiful things she posts! 

Do you want to try your hand at this lush color scheme with this week's Hues to use? Play along! Get those fingers inky! Then, use our linky to enter your card! You could be one of our next guest designers for the week. What fun! 



Elizabeth Zaffarano said...
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Elizabeth Zaffarano said...

Wow this is soooo pretty and I loved your grey card! I thought the colors glowed so beautifully.

Essie said...

How exciting! Julie, thanks so much for inviting me to design for this week's Hues to Use!

Berina RGA said...

I love her creations!! Beautiful one Essie!

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Essie! What a joy to see you and to read about you and your family and career...and how you got into crafting! What fun! I love how you refer to your son and daughter...haha! So cute! Seriously, I have long loved your work on Instagram, and I love each one of these cards. They are all different, and yet they are all beautiful. I love this digital image, and you've made it really come alive! It's wonderful to see what inspired you and how you have such great memories as a child. I look forward to seeing your blog. That would be very exciting! Congratulations on being a Guest Designer...you hit it out of the park!! Hugs!

Julie Koerber said...

It was our pleasure Essie! I love all three of your creations and feel like the trio of cards was a true treat!

Txkickerbelle said...

Oh my goodness, please post Essie's blog address when she sets it up, she is not only very talented (I love her cards), but she is very humorous as well. I will be a fan and follower!

Essie said...

oh, thank you so much Berina....I'm so glad you liked it!

Essie said...

Oh Cheryl, you are always so encouraging--thank you so much for your kid words. I've really enjoyed building this post and playing along with the Hues to use Challenges.....and I can hardly wait to start using my new stash of those lovely new designs. I'll holler once my website is up. Summer adventures have gotten in the way a bit :) Hugs back!

Essie said...

Kim, thanks so much for your very flattering comments--I'm blushing! But it does help push me to finish that website! ;)

Essie said...

Thanks, Elizabeth, I'm so pleased that you like it--and what fun to finally meet you last week at PS! So fun to put names and cards and faces all together!

Marcella Hawley said...

ESSIE!! I feel that I am still absorbing these outstanding cards and your adorable write-up. So tickled to have you guest post on the Power Poppy Blog, my dear. Thank you for giving it your all and dazzling us with your wit, charm, and creative process! TOTALLY WINNING!

Essie said...

Marcella, It was just too much fun--thanks so much to you and Julia for a great opportunity. i'm really thrilled that my little cards have had such a warm reception. And since that color scheme is now stuck in my head (like a song that keeps repeating), and I have a big pile of your gorgeous new stamps, I've just pinned another card to this Hues challenge--this time your gorgeous Tree of Life. Am having a bit of a vellum moment this week . . . .