Monday, August 7, 2017

Inspire Me Monday: Coloring using only 10 Copic Markers

Coloring using only 10 Copic Markers

Hi everyone. It's Mindy here from My Creative Scoop! Today I'm sharing a fun tutorial which is absolutely perfect if you don't have many Copic Markers in your collection. I'll be listing my Copic Markers used throughout the tutorial but please keep in mind you can use whatever 2 coordinating colors you have. In this tutorial, I'm using the Power Poppy stamp set Bough Wow Wow

Alright, let's get start coloring! I've stamped my image using Memento Desert Sand Ink onto my Copic Xpress it cardstock to get that no line technique. So take your lightest green and color in all the little leaves on the vine.

Then, take your darker green and make a tiny line, or flick going up the center of the leaves. There's not enough room for any detailed shading. 

Then take your N3 and trace along one side of the fuzzy snow puffs.

Using the N0, go along the side of the N3, blending it out.

Then, using N0 create small dots in the fuzzy snow puffs, we want to give them some texture so they look fuzzy.

Then again with the N3, make some more dots for texture in the fuzzy snow puffs. Stay closer to the shaded side of the snow puff so that side appears shadowed -- but still add small dots all over. Then take the N3 and shadow the starting point of the ribbon intertwining throughout the image. Afterward, take your N0 and blend out the N3. Still, leave a white area.

Then with your lightest brown shade the mittens. You want to make a harsh shadow at first then flick towards the center of the mitt. Notice the shadowed areas and don't just outline the mitten.

Then add some details with your darker brown, and define the shadows and the design in the mitten. 

Trace over with the lighter brown again, blending out that harsh line between the 2 colors. Notice there is still some white into the center part of the mittens.

Then take both colors and by adding some dots to the mittens you'll give that yarn - texture look. With the darker color, make more dots at the shadowed areas and fewer in the lighter area.

Then take a light pink (or any other color) and trace the heart but notice on the left side I went a little thicker. We want to create that round 3D look to this heart.

Then on the shadowed side, trace using the darker pink.

Then, flicking the darker pink out towards the center, pull through filling in the heart.

Depending on how dark you want your heart to be, you may want to repeat the 2 previous steps. Once you are happy with your heart's definition, take the darker color and trace the stitches all around the heart.

I wanted my ribbon to pop out a little more, so I added some more N3. Depending on how heavy you go, you may need to re-soften using your N0 again.

Once finished, I wanted to add a little something around the image. So, I added some dots using G0000, filling in the white areas inside and gradually coming out around the image.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and it inspires you to create a color, even if you don't have many Copic Markers to work with.

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♥ Mindy


Elizabeth Zaffarano said...

How gorgeous! And those mittens look so soft. Thanks for sharing this technique today :)

Camille Short said...

I'm loving these colors - gorgeous card!

Pauline said...

Wow! gorgeous, thanks for the tutorial. Beautiful tones as well.

Berina RGA said...

This is so beautiful. I love your choice of colors, Mindy!!

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Mindy! What a beautiful card, and I LOVE all the step-out photos along with the explanations of how to color each item. Your coloring is amazing, and I love the colors you've used for this beautiful and sweet image! Thank you so much...what a great Inspire Me Monday post!! Hugs!