March Instant Garden: Cup of Columbine

Happy day to you! Are you ready for a new digi?

It’s always exciting to reveal a brand new illustration and share the Instant Gardeners’ creations with you all, I get such a thrill. Today’s new digital stamp set is an image that’s is a long time coming. Can I tell you how many people have requested Columbine through the years? 

And it’s no wonder — Columbine have the most interesting habit — arching and stretching and bobbing their beautiful heads. They come in zillions of colors and varieties — from massive flouncy blooms with loooooooong tendrils (called spurs) jutting out from the back, to very compact doubles loaded with bubbly petals.

Aren’t they precious??

Another thing I love about Columbine is their propensity to self-seed and cross with other varieties. You can go from a regular purple one, like these Aquilegia vulgaris in my garden above, a single variety in rich deep purple, to something totally unique:

I photographed these wine-colored double flowers in my garden a few years ago — the purple singles had crossed with a pink double that hadn't shown its face in the garden for years — but resurrected in a magical cross-pollination. I DO SO LOVE THE NATURE!!

And as much as I love, adore, and worship this incredible plant, the Aquilegia genus and all of her various species, I had yet to draw them!! What on earth? Something had to be done.

Introducing: Cup of Columbine

Yayyyyyy!! Columbine has come at last!

And here’s something really fun ... even though everything I’ve shared up there involves purple — these flowers come in nearly every hue imaginable, from white and pale yellow through the deepest reds and blues. You can take this thing and RUN WITH IT!

A Susie Cooper teacup is filled to overflowing with Columbine — and I tucked a few Hosta leaves in there to give you some ripply goodness to color. You get two designs — one with the flowers and teacup only, and a second, more challenging composition with a baby robin snapping up a few of the Columbine seeds. Both images have a lighter “no line” version included.

Come check out the incredible beauty created by the Instant Gardeners for today — and folks, I gave them about 2 days notice that this was coming out, so each of these creations is like a Columbine Release Day Miracle!

Jessie Banks -- This is actually a video!

Look for more cards featuring these images tomorrow for Bloomie Friday — and keep those eyes peeled for even MORE cards as the designers actually have a chance to work with this set. (Last-minute Marcella strikes again.)


This stamp WILL be available in clear... quite soon, actually. Stay tuned and have an AWESOME day.


Heidi MyLittleStampingBlog said...

Oh my goodness, I love these!

Berina RGA said...

I love this new digi!! So pretty!!

Sharon J Chambers said...

WOW this is beautiful I can't wait to have ago at the class x

Tee said...

Gorgeous digi and beautiful card!

Martha said...

I NEED this stamp..... please put me on your notice list when it comes in...thanks.... Martha

Lisa said...

I am so glad that so many people requested columbine! I absolutely adore this set as columbines are one of my absolutely favorite flowers. I'm actually going to be making a side garden this year with columbine as the main focal point.

Hostas are my all time favorite shade plant so I'm super excited to see some included in this digi!

Linda Pekrul said...


creatingincolors said...

What a beautiful image, and what beautiful coloring! Okay, I'm convinced - I need this one :-)

Jackie W said...

Love this! Columbine are one of my favorite flowers. I wish I could share the
picture of my yellow ones with you. They were so beautiful the first year, but not so nice the second, and have just been limping along the last couple years. will have to watch for the clear stamp set. Cheers

CherylQuilts said...

Such a gorgeous digital release, and I LOVE all the color possibilities and the gorgeous cards from the team! Hugs1