Monday, March 19, 2018

Nipping & Tucking Digital Stamps!

Hello Peeps!  Julie here, standing in for the fabulous Kathy Racoosin who is busy getting ready for the latest leg of her ab-fab 'The Coloring Challenge Road Trip!' Did you know she's heading straight to the Power Poppy headquarters next and tag teaming some fun with Ms. Marcella herself? Check it out, will you?

You can click HERE to read all about it! You can click HERE to register if you are one of the super doooooper lucky ones to actually be in the area. Sigh. I am not! But, I know these sweet ladies will have so much fun and there will be Power Poppy Polymer for sale at the event, what fun!

Moving on! I have a really quick little digital demo for you on this Inspire Me Monday. It's so quick, you could literally do this whole process in less than 60 seconds. It was, however, something I thought would be useful! So, I share!

Recently, Ms. Marce released the latest digital stamp set called Cup of Columbine with not only two different illustrations but no-line versions as well! Gotta love how Marcella digs in a bit deeper to make sure all of her little coloristas are taken care of with the proper light grey to print with for those beautiful no line looks! Here's a peek at both illustrations...

While I loved the little birdie and egg, I didn't really have time to color up the whole ensemble. I loved that egg though and I DID want to color that up! What's a girl to do??? Well, how about a little digital surgery! No, trust me. Not scary surgery! I'm talking about a digital modification with the simple erasing tool on your photo editing software!

I started by opening up the image without the egg in Photoshop Elements, which is my desired editing software. This technique will work with any photo editing software that allows you to layer files and erase elements.

Here's a peek at the first layer...

Next, I open the second image with the bird, reducing the opacity so that I can see both images and perfectly layer the bird image over top...

Next, I click on the eraser tool, which is over on the toolbar to the left and looks like this....

Then, I simply clicked on my second layer, and took care to erase that little birdie out of the scene!  You can see that my opacity is still off, however, so I went to the area right above my layers and bumped it back up to 100% on that layer.

From there, I click on "Layer" at the top of my screen and then scroll down to click on "Merge Visible" to make those two layers into one.

And now, all I need to do is print! I have an image that molds two images together, creating a third fun look out of one digital stamp set!

And, after I grabbed my Copic markers, here's how that fun little image turned out!

I still need to do some shading and create this little number into a card. But... guess what? If you play along with Power Poppy's Hues to Use on Tuesday --- you'll see how this one turned out. So swing back by and get ready to give a new color combo a try!

See you then!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing tips on editing. I don't have Photoshop Elements but going to look into it. I love digi images but I am a newbie with lots to learn!

  2. This is so cool Julie! I don't have photoshop elements. I definitely love editing the digis. Will look into it.

  3. Thanks for all the tips, such beautiful coloring!!

  4. Your colouring is so lovely! I don't have photoshop on my Mac, but I have Microsoft Word installed. I've never used digi images even though I've downloaded some, because I don't know how to do things like you just did. Do you know if Microsoft Word is capable of this type of thing? Thanks ahead of time for any info. you may have.

    1. Teri, Word is able to do some things! If you want, you can check out a tutorial I did a while back here to see what more you might be able to do!

  5. Beautiful colouring! I too,don't have Photoshop but have Word,is there any way you could do a tutorial on that,pretty please!

    1. Kiwi, I wish I could do this technique using word. I did do a tutorial using word here a while back:
      In order to do this technique, you really need a program that allows you to erase a portion of the image. Most photo editing software has that ability. If you didn't want to use PhotoShop (I use Elements, which is a less expensive program by far) you could use a program called Gimp. I know it is free and does a lot of the same things. You just need to play around with it a bit and get comfortable with all the tools! The link is: Hope that helps!


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