Friday, July 27, 2018

A Smorgasbord of COLORFUL VIBES!

Hello Power Poppy Peeps! How's your week going? I hope well! It's been sunny and summery in my neck of the woods which meant a lot of play time with the fam. Hope you've been just as blessed! 

Since it's Friday, we want to dig deep into our powerful Power Poppy bag of tricks to pull out some great feels for you all! We searched the world wide web looking for inspiration, fun stories, creative projects, new tips, with a little bit of life sprinkled in! That's right, we love this day because it means sharing some...

Good Vibes 5 Hit List! 

1. Did you check out the 5 Days of Digis? What? You missed it? Just scroll back a few days right here on the blog and play a little catch-up! You can also click on the links for all the good vibes from our Power Poppy Tribe!

2. Going Ga-Ga for Gerberas! Yep, we are and this one (Kindness is the Way) is a FREEBIE! Get yours HERE, download, and color in a flash! (Then, don't forget to share!)

3. Colorful & Wild! These little mushrooms are taking on a psychedelic air thanks to Elizabeth Zaffarano. What's that girl up to now? Check out Inspire Me Monday next week to find out!

4. From a Spark to a Creative Flame. Nicola Gold took our Power & Spark Challenge to the limit, mixing digis for maximum delight! Check out her creation HERE and then, why not give this technique a try?

5. What is our fearless Power Poppy Peep-in-Chief up to now? Click the link HERE to travel to her IG and see how Ms. Marce is seizing the day, yet again! 💗

I know these fine ladies will be bringing on their own heavy dose of eye candy and inspiration! So, be sure to roll through this link list and see what they have in store!

And that, my Power Poppy friends, is it from home base! Hope you leave here with some new ideas swirling in your head, a smile and an itch to let those creative juices bubble over! Like I mentioned earlier, Elizabeth Zaffarano will be in the house Monday for another edition of Inspire Me Monday and... I. Cannot. WAIT!!!!

Until then, enjoy your weekend!

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CherylQuilts said...

Oh, what a fun week, and what fabulous inspiration from everyone!! Hugs, all!