Friday, July 13, 2018

hApPy FrI-yAy!

Yes, my sweet stamping friends, we are a little slow on the take to share some fun little vibes to get your ready for a feel-good weekend! Sorry 'bout that! Never fear... we're here now! ;-)

As we speak, there's a flurry of activity, not only at my home base in Montana but in St. Louis as Marce gets ready for a MASSIVE road trip. Can you say 1800 miles with the family truckster packed to the gills? Yep, that's Marcy! Stay tuned for more on her adventures! Just a little note, if you place an order in the next week, Marcella and her crew will pack it up when they return!

Okay, are you all ready for some...

Let's get right to the eye candy folks! Marcella has another massive digital release just for you. Want to see a sneak peek?

Sigh... it's divine, isn't it? And, I wish I could show you more. Get ready digi-lovers. There is a smorgasbord of fun images that absolutely CANNOT wait to be colored up by your crafty hands -- flowers of all kinds, sweet vignettes, and scenes that are sure to drop your blood pressure at first sight. Mark your calendar! The new digi release starts July 20th -- JUST ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! 

This second Good Vibe is pretty self-explanatory. Puppies = good vibes. We just love that Mr. Tibbs, the Power Poppy Pup in Chief, demands that his master put down work for a little catch with his favorite red thing-a-ma-jig! You go Tibbs!

I am not sure about you, but I can almost smell the beautiful scent of lilacs when I take a glance at this AH-MAZE-ING creation by Jeannean Marshall using Power Poppy's French Lilac digital stamp set. Wow. Makes me yearn for next spring when the bushes behind my house will be in full bloom again! If you want to be WOWED by this image above fashioned into a finished card plus a few others, click HERE! 

Okay, this good vibe is clearly mine but -- you know what? We're all family here and it's perfectly fine to share those proud mama moments, right? Well, this pic above is of my daughter's softball team after their battle to win at the State Softball Tournament in Great Falls, Montana. These little ladies took 2nd place out of 21 teams. #2 in the standings, #1 in our hearts! They battled in 95-degree heat and dug so deep that many of us were shocked. They couldn't quite conquer their main rival but you know it's a good game when the other coach says to your girls, "That's how you play softball girls!" Proud. (Just in case you wondered, my daughter is the second from the left in the first row). Go 406 Playmakers!

There's little doubt that both Katie and I are squealing at this photo above. You see, we're both avid knitters. When Marcy asked what she should do on that mondo car trip, I suggested she learn how to knit! Well, her grandma taught her years ago and all she needed to do was get "reacquainted!" So, she hit up the Kirkwood Knittery and snagged these lovelies above! She says she plans to try her hand at knitting a scarf. Watch out folks! We all know what happens when Marcy falls in love with something new -- remember her mushroom craze that's still ongoing? I am excited to see where this one goes!

With all those vibes out there now sitting somewhere in cyberspace.....
Be sure to check out these fine ladies and their fresh cut Power Poppy creations!

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking in before you hit up your crafting spaces this weekend! We love your visits!

Until next time!


creatingincolors said...

Lotsa good vibes this post! Congrats to the girls in #4; I'll be waiting for more on the sneak peak in #1; loving #3; of course Mr Tibbs; and can't wait to hear more on the road trip with Marcy and family!

ChristineCreations said...

Woo Hoo Miss E! 2nd is a lot to be proud of! I love the team socks too :) Fun good-vibes Jules!

CherylQuilts said...

Ooh, so much good fun and news today, and I LOVE the great team shot with the gals showing off their awards! Congratulations! And I loved the wonderful cards shared here and from the Bloomies! Sounds like a fun road trip, and I know you will enjoy it! Hugs, all! xoxo

Jeannean said...

Thank you!! (I'm #3) ;)

Jeannean said...

Julie, Thanks for featuring my coloring as a good vibe! You've got me vibe'n good all week now! What a confidence booster!
Congrats on the ball game too! I am about 100 miles north of Great Falls!!

Julie Koerber said...

You are more than welcome Jeannean! We love to give a shout to amazing card makers! :-) And, you are 100 miles north of Great Falls? Where? I am in Billings but do get around the state from time to time thanks to my daughter's sports! :-)