Instant Garden Release: Clover and Pansies

Hello friends. We’re combining Good Vibe Friday with an Instant Garden digital release — as I know it gives me good vibes to share fresh illustrations and our designers’ wonderful cards! Today you’ll find the latest cards by the Instant Gardeners, plus a few ladies from the Bloom Brigade are showing off our other new digi set. 


Introducing: Clover and Pansies

Cowabunga — this one has a whole bunch of fun in a single image. The newest in my a series of vintage café au lait bowls filled with garden goodies, Clover and Pansies is a rich and layered bouquet. 

You’ll find so many different ways to color this one. Pansies, with their sunny, funny faces, offer velvety petals in shades of the richest dark purple to delicate apricot and everything in between. Some pansies are straightforward and single-toned. Other varieties they have dramatic veins, ruffles, and contrasting petals. Go big and bold or create a soft statement — it’s all up to you.

Pansies are a flower imbued with so much meaning... love, longing, remembrance. They are charming and painterly — as this vintage Burpee catalog says, “painted from nature”.

Combinations for this set are pretty much endless. I’ve drawn two larger pansies and three smaller ones (also known as Viola, and commonly as Johnny-jump-ups); then several four-leaf clovers for good luck. Clover’s botanical name is Trifolium, and there are a number of species offering exciting color combinations. Just for fun, I’ve also included Forget-Me-Nots (Myosotis) which have a sweet trailing quality and wonderful symbolism.

Always remember that you can enlarge the image or crop in if it seems too daunting. That’s part of the fun of digital stamps. 

Take a little tour of today’s new cards featuring this delightful bouquet — everyone came up with something unique, fresh, and full of spring zing!

Cindy Lawrence
Stacy Morgan

Thank you for coming by today, sweet ones. xoxoxo


Monika said...

What a masterpiece! I love it, Marcella !

Lisa said...

I love this!! Pansies are so pretty and delicate yet such tough little flowers, they are one of my all time favorites in my garden. I also love Forget-Me-Nots (Alaska's state flower, I may be biased LOL) and clover is great when it's not in my lawn, hehehe

Fabulous image!

creatingincolors said...

This is a very very special one! It takes me back, makes me happy, and more!

Anne said...

So gorgeous! I love it, love it, love it!!!! Merci!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Stunning cards.

Henriëtte said...

Great new image Marcella, love it.
I love also the great inspiration of the Instant Gardeners and Bloomies this week. Thank you all for blooming my day!