Fresh-Squeezed Scents Mini Digital Release - Healing Bouquet

Welcome back, everybody — and thank you for stopping by for the second day of our mini release of two digital downloads. I hope that these images will bring a sense of happiness and peace to your crafting experience. I know that dreaming them up and drawing them did that very thing for my wellbeing. It seems we could all use some healing, you know what I mean?

Presenting: Healing Bouquet | Digital Download

Healing Bouquet is a digital download, with gentle vibes of good health for yourself and others.

A calming combination of florals and fruit that promote healing vibes and serenity, the ideal image to color as a balm for our times. I’ve intertwined a Lotus blossom, symbol of peace and tranquility, with Lavender, the storied scent of purity, grace, and calm. A lively Lemon, with its precious healing qualities and vitamin C, is tucked in among leaves of purifying, scented EucalyptusElderberries, known to tame stress and inflammation, punctuate the bouquet with pops of purple. Enjoy coloring this one, the yellows and violets (complementary on the color wheel) are calming by their very nature! Includes two sentiments to promote peace and healing.

Lavender with honeybee, photo by Lulu Hawley

Let’s see some wonderful, imaginative cardmaking, shall we?

I sure hope you’ve enjoyed this two-day mini release. It’s been a thrill to get back into the swing of things. I have lots more images coming in both digital and clear polymer, along with a brand new class with Kit & Clowder for September ... stay tuned!

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Patti J said...

I was so excited to see Cheryl’s beautiful creation pop up in my feed tonight! As always, her card is beautiful, and her words are inspiring and positive. Have missed her in measures of oodles! Beautiful samples by all...thanks for sharing!