Introducing: Heavenly Peace Dove


Day 5 of Quiet Christmas:

Introducing: Heavenly Peace Dove

Peace on Earth — an idea we can all agree on. I’ve drawn a gentle white dove emerging from olive branches, accompanied by messages of peace and love. Get in the spirit and love one another! Love your neighbor, love your enemy. Love is the way, and the Heavenly Peace Dove is the perfect image to capture the exuberance of the concept. A simple hand-drawn banner may be trimmed out and placed over the dove, and then stamped with your choice of sentiments that fit inside.

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If you’d like to head straight to the store, here’s the link one more time:

Thanks so much for sharing your time with us this week — its’s been loads of fun, and has really helped my mojo stay on high alert. I think this burst of creativity is going to spread! 


creatingincolors said...

What a beautiful work of art and meaningful messages. Love this so much.

Henriëtte Creatively Happy said...

Again a awesome set Marcella.
It's unbelieveble that there is no card that have the same colours, they all look
so stunning, I realy can't say which one I love most, I love them all!
Thank you Marcella and Bloomies for the great days of revealing awesome stamp sets and stunning inspiration. I can't wait to see what you have for us in November.
Stay safe everyone and have a wonderful day.