Introducing: Let It Glow


Day 4 of Quiet Christmas:

Introducing: Let It Glow

I think one of the nicest compliments a person can receive is: “You really light up a room.” Don’t we all have a few friends who do that? I feel fortunate to say that I do! I also think that EACH of us have the ability to light up a room... simply by making other people feel good. The quality of radiance and warmth simply spills out, on to other people, and then they pass it on, too... a joyful glow is contagious. So come on, people, Let It Glow!

Whether it’s at Christmas or New Year’s, or even a birthday, I think this stamp set will help us spread the concept of lighting up one another’s lives. It’s something I feel strongly about.

Radiant with happy vibes, this sentiment-rich set has phrases and images to help you put a little light into a card at any time of year. A large sentiment proclaiming “Let it Glow” was hand-lettered by Marcella Hawley, and has loads of supporting sentiments in a modern sans serif font. Sentiments include: "Shine Your Light"; "Sparkle and Shine, Girlfriend"; and "Reflect, Renew, Rejoice!" 

Supplemental illustrations set the scene: Shimmering sequins and starbursts are perfect for playing with backgrounds. A string of retro lights is a great border-making element.
Enhance the luminous lettering of "Let it Glow" with hand-drawn "shimmers" that wrap around the letterforms, as I’ve shown above!

PLEASE NOTE: Digital download versions of these images are coming soon to
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If you’d like to head straight to the store, here’s the link one more time:

See you all back here TOMORROW NIGHT! We go live at 5pm central. Bye for now...

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Henriëtte Creatively Happy said...

Gorgeous sentiments Marcella and I love the string of lights.
Beautiful cards Bloomies, it's so much fun to see all the cards everyday.
Thank you all so much, stay safe and have a wonderful day.