Inspire Me Monday: Just Color!


HEY FRIENDS! Welcome to another addition of Inspire Me Monday! Today's post is short and sweet! I've been hung up lately with card design. To be honest, it is not my forte. I can color an image fairly fast, but then spend the next 8 hours trying to turn it into a card. And please don't tell me about all the ideas on Pinterest! I get overwhelmed and end up pinning crock pot recipes! 

One day while complaining about my inability to quickly turn an images into cards, a friend gave me some valuable advice which I'm now going to pass along to you. 


If you only have time to work on the image, then just color! If you're not feeling particularly creative design-wise, then just color! If you only feel like coloring, then just color!

Because here's the thing - not every image needs to be immediately turned into a card. The world will keep on spinning if you have a stash of precolored images for days when the card design goddesses are smiling. 

Sometimes inspiration comes
when you stop trying so hard to be inspired. 

Case in point -- last week, I colored one of the images from the Mossy Pots and Paperwhites stamp set and set it aside for my stash of colored images. I planned on showing it to you today as a work in progress - a colored image, but not yet a card. 

I even turned it into a coloring video! So instead of browsing Pinterest, take a look here!

While cleaning up my studio a few days later, I came across a design paper that coordinated perfectly with the markers that I had used. So I pulled out my precolored image and within minutes, I had a clean design that let the simplicity of the paperwhites shine through. Now that wasn't so hard, was it?!?

That's all from me today! I'm off to color! 



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