Instant Garden January Release: My Favorite Pair

Sometimes the 15th of the month turns into the 20th of the month. 

Introducing: My Favorite Pair

Happy January! I’m super stoked to share the second image in a series I’ve been working on: bouquets nestled into vintage French café au lait bowls. The vessels are rustic and charming, with simple patterns that you can coordinate to the flower colors. My Favorite Pair is a refreshing mix, one I don’t know that you’ve seen before in an image for coloring: pears on the branch and African violets accented by meandering ribbons.

African violets (Saintpaulia) are plants native to Tanzania, but have come to be known to be wonderful, cheery windowsill plants for those of us not in tropical climates. Their color range is vast: every shade of blue, purple, magenta, pink, through to coral, white, even bright green. Their glaucous leaves have lovely indentations, and are a nice foil for the bright green, spotty flesh of our pears! There’s a lot too love about My Favorite Pair.

 The Instant Gardeners have created some GORGEOUS cards for today’s release - and will be sharing cards through to January 25th.

I want to share some inspiration images... I really do enjoy “playing” with textures, styles, and colors that I think will go well together and be lots of fun for you to work with. Here’s a little combination featuring African violets in salmon with a rosy edging — notice how you can work in a bit of a pinkish-salmon flush on the pears, and then bring in a pink tone in your café au lait bowls. The ribbon is a muted pink with tinges of pale green. I mean, come on, people, this stuff is so much fun!!

My Favorite Pair is a detailed drawing that comes both with and without my handlettered sentiments. And I’ve included light grey versions of each for “no-line” coloring.

Always remember that you can enlarge the image or crop in if it seems too daunting. That’s part of the fun of digital stamps. 

Enjoy seeing the cards of today’s release cards in their entirety — the Instant Gardener team went above and beyond.

Thank you, than you, for your GORGEOUS WORK, ladies!

If you’re interested in taking a class RIGHT NOW featuring My Favorite Pair, you are in luck, my friends. Amy Shulke of Vanilla Arts has just launched a class sharing the fundamentals of complementary colors — and where to add those colors. 

Isn’t that fantastic?? Color along with Amy in her livestream — and get a special discount on this digital stamp. Click here for info.

Visit us here for Inspire Me Monday hosted by yours truly. I’ll share my painted version of My Favorite Pair along with some of my favorite tips! 

Thank you for coming by today, sweet ones. xoxoxo

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Henriëtte Creatively Happy said...

Gorgeous image, I love violets. Unfortunately there is no post at Jessie but the other Bloomies made up for it with their beautiful creations. Thank you all for your wonderful work.