Inspire Me Monday: One Layer Creation


Hello all and welcome to another Inspire Me Monday! It's me again, Lisa, and I have another simple method this week, one layer creations! It doesn't matter if you are using clear stamps or digital stamps, one layer cards are a quick and easy way of getting creative.

Let's Get Started! 

I started out by choosing the digital stamp I wanted for this card. Because I have a ton of them in my yard right now and because they are my favorite little flower I went with the Pansies Digital Stamp Set. Using Microsoft Word I arranged the stamp how I wanted it on my card, put a sentiment on it and then sent it to my printer.

Purple and yellow pansies are really the only ones I get, I just love that color combo, so that's the palette I went with for my digital stamp. The coloring went nice and quick because I have colored this image so much. When I was done I just did a quick light gray border around the flowers and called it good! If you are like me and always pressed for time I hope I inspired you to consider creating more one layer cards!

Here are a few other one layer cards I have done with Power Poppy images:

Have a fabulous week, and don't forget to check out the month long The Blossom Challenge going on!

The Blossom Challenge: Glassy-Eyed!

Welcome to our second The Blossom Challenge from Power Poppy!  We had such a great time perusing your beautiful challenge entries from last month’s The Blossom Challenge of April Showers Bring May Flowers.  Last month’s winner will be at the end of the post!  

I’m your host Christine and this month we’ve got a fun theme called Glassy-Eyed!  We invite you to use an image that is in glass or under glass on your design.  So dig into your Copics, Pencils or watercolour, and any Power Poppy image with glass.  You could even be totally artsy and use a Power Poppy image and draw your own glass vase, snowglobe or cloche!  

Today I’m using the NEW image from Power Poppy called Accentuate the Positive.  What a gorgeous array of flowers and fruit around this pretty mason jar! I printed the image quite lightly for colouring and then used Copics and Prismacolour Pencils to brighten up the blooms.  One of my favourite varieties of Zinnia is Queen Red Lime, they have such a nice fade between lime and rosy red, so I tried to give the flower on the lower right that treatment in my colouring.  

I have a short tutorial on my blog on what I think are important features of colouring glass HERE.  

Things I like to consider when colouring something in or under glass.  
  • Where the light is reflecting on the glass
  • The width of the glass for colouring, and the bottom edges (if in a vase)
  • Will the glass be coloured or clear
  • Will there be a water level be and will you define it
  • How stems refract and colour fades in water
Marcy has graciously given a special $25 OFF price on some of her best glassy images again during this challenge, all of these beauties on sale are linked here:  

Accentuate the Positive
Cuppa Cupcake
Cuppa Buttercups
Hyacinth Bulb in Glass
Nest is Best
Seaside Sweetness
Single Orchid
Snowglobe Greetings
Sweet & Sugary Snowglobe
Tabletop Tree
Tiny Treasures
Volumes of Beauty
Well Hello Dahlia
Wildflower Mini
Zinnia Parade 

Challenge Details:  We hope you can join us for the challenge this month and create something in or under glass with Power Poppy images! You could win a $20 Gift Code to the Power Poppy store!  Link up your creation BELOW!   

Remember: You MUST use a Power Poppy image somewhere on your design to be included in the Glassy-Eyed challenge.  Entries close on July 16th at NOON.  

Last month’s The Blossom Challenge May Flowers RANDOMLY DRAWN WINNER IS.....Liz Williams with her beautiful Pure Prairie Bouquet!  Congratulations Liz.  Contact Marcy at for your prize code!  

Here’s some gorgeous Glassy inspiration from The Bloom Brigade:  

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

Click here to enter

Inspire Me Monday: A Window to Create!

Hello all and welcome to another Inspire Me Monday! When I was putting together my post today, I have to say that I was the one who was inspired. A couple weeks ago, Lisa Johansen inspired us all to create some Spotlight Cards and, like her, I was looking for a way to create a card that was a little less time-consuming but allowed you to use bits and pieces of some of Marcella's beautiful and bodacious illustrations! 

So, instead of spotlighting, I decided to create a bit of a window. You'll see what I mean in just a minute and see how you can use different pieces of an image or even scraps from creations for a little extra wow factor! 

Let's Get Started! 

So, I started by printing out a few copies of Power Poppy's newest digital image called Accentuate the Positive.  I took a piece of decorative plaid card stock and using three sizes of circle dies, I cut my windows. Then, I situated pieces of my digital stamp behind each of the windows to see which sections of the image I liked best.

After setting the cut-out decorative paper over top. I knew that I needed to cut out portions so that the flowers I wanted to accentuate were right where I wanted them! I traced a pencil lightly around the circle and then cut out the images. 

This is what my cut-out sections looked like behind my circles... 

And above are the pieces that I knew I needed to color up! And... with the help of my Copic markers, voila! I colored the portions of my image that I knew would show through. 

To create a little extra dimension and the feel of a window, I put pop dots all the way around my circles really close to the edge. I also only removed the sticky back of the window I wanted to place the image behind. 

You can see below how that first window turned out.... 

And here's how the back of my card panel looked once I placed all three little segments!

Mat your panel onto a card, add some bling and a foiled sentiment, and... ta-da! I think this look is so fun and it was pretty quick to create since I only colored a small segment of that rather large image! 

Here's a close-up for you! 

Now, this isn't the first time I've done this technique. After I created my card above, I went looking for others and this one popped up! Very similar! I love adding the sentiment for a little extra interest with the patterned paper. I used the digital stamp set Spring Meadow. 

And in the card below, I kept a clean look with mostly white and let my colored-up cherry blossoms from the digital stamp set Flowering Branches pop with color! 

And, while this card below doesn't use a window, it is a twist on the concept by using bits of an image, die-cutting or punching the images and then popping those pieces up on a card front! This card used the digital stamp set Asters Abuzz!

I hope you've liked the creations that I shared -- some old, some new! Special thanks to Lisa who helped inspire a different way to look at spotlight stamping! 

Until next time! Happy Stamping! 


Inspire Me Monday: The Perfect Paper

Hello, my flower-loving friends! I hope you are enjoying the return of Inspire Me Monday! If you have yet to play in the monthly Blossom Challenge, there is still time to join the May challenge, "April Showers Bring May Flowers"! The challenge closes at NOON on June 17th. See all the details HERE.  

Today is my turn to share the weekly inspiration. I wanted to inspire you to think outside the box...the paper box that is! If you are part of any coloring or card making groups on social media, then you know that one of the most asked questions is, "What is the PERFECT paper to use for my coloring?" That is not an easy question to answer because the true answer is, it depends. It depends on what you wish to accomplish, what your coloring medium is, what stamps you are using, what your skill level is, and more. The truth is, there is NO perfect paper that fits every artist or every need. 

I decided to try a few experiments to see what I could do with alcohol markers, colored pencils, and digital stamps from Power Poppy...on non standard paper! Namely...on scrapbooking paper. Because, let's face it, I have a huge boatload of scrapbooking paper!
I decided to print some Power Poppy stamps onto SCRAPBOOKING PAPER. And not only scrapbooking paper, but TEXTURED scrapbooking paper. (I used various papers from Authentique, but any heavy-weight, slightly textured paper should work.) I printed each image to to fit onto paper that was cut to 8" x 10". 

Note: To make sure the paper would run through my printer without jamming, I taped the scrapbook paper to an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of printer paper. I had no issues with my printer accepting the thicker scrapbook paper by doing that simple trick. 

Now, we are always told that you cannot use Copics on paper other than marker paper because you will not get good results, the ink will bleed, and all sorts of other dire things will happen. And all those things can happen, but it is only paper and ink! Why not have a play to see what happens?! If it doesn't work out, it only costs you a few dollars in paper and ink, and a little time.
I printed the Hydrangea Hype Digital Stamp Set image at approximately 4 1/2" x 5 1/2" onto a piece of Authentique Glamour One (double-sided) textured, decorative paper. I love how the text pattern seems to overlay the printed image.

I used a very light gray line which was really difficult to see on this paper. I do wish I had printed the "black line" rather than the "no line" version, but in the end....wait and see...
I began to color with Copic markers, and the paper did feel like it pulled the marker a bit, and it felt like the paper soaked up a little more ink than regular marker paper. But, happily there was almost no bleeding of the color outside the lines! What magic is this?! Any bleeding that happened was masked by the busy print and texture of the paper! Plus, the no-line printing of the stamped image also helped to disguise any bleeding that did happen.
I kept adding color and blending. The ink did not blend exactly the way it does on marker paper, but it was looking very much like water color! The no-line printing with the gray lines makes the lines disappear, especially on this text background!
I roughly scribbled in color, then went back over to shade and blend. I did not do as much shading or fine detail work as I normally do because I wanted to keep the water color look. Plus, I did not want to risk the paper getting too soaked with ink.

I used the following Copic colors: BV31, BV04, BV02, BV000, BG70, B34, B21, B000, G28, G24, G21, G20, RV52, RV34, RV19, C9, Colorless blender. I also drew in the leaf veins with a Prismacolor Goldenrod colored pencil.
Using this technique was very fast compared to my normal way of coloring with Copics on marker paper! I am not at all skilled with water coloring, which made me super happy to achieve a water color substitute with a medium with which I am much more skilled and familiar! 
I ended up double-matting the piece as a picture suitable for framing rather than turning it into a card. I could have added a sentiment and created a card out of it just as easily. 

Since Copic markers are a more transparent medium they allow the background to show through the coloring. I think the text background makes the finished piece look a lot like a vintage postcard or a vintage botanical water color print!

Next, I turned my attention to my Prismacolor pencils. I have mentioned before that I am not a huge fan of Prismacolor colored pencils because they are so soft and waxy. However...
I printed the flower wreath from Peony Love Digital Stamp Set at approximately 7" x 7" onto Authentique Party One textured, decorative paper. (Make sure you have the textured version of this paper as Authentique made both a textured and a smooth version of some of their paper collections.)

This time I printed the "black line" version of the image to make it easier to see the lines. This is a really intricate image, printed onto paper with a background print...and my eyes are kind of old! {smile}
The sentiment in the center of the wreath is from the Geraniums Digital Stamp Set. Once again, I love the "built in" background of the scrapbooking paper! Printing directly onto the printed paper was so interesting! Because the colored pencils are a much more opaque medium, the background gets colored over and only shows on the actual project background! 
The Prismacolor Premier colored pencils are a dream to work with on this textured paper! I normally prefer an oil-based, harder lead colored pencil so that I can layer the color. However, this paper is very "toothy" which would mean layering for dog's years! With the Prismacolor pencils, I could lay down a thicker layer of wax and then blend it, easily filling in the tooth of the paper (tooth = texture).
I am overjoyed at how bright and vibrant the colors look on this slightly ivory paper! I have used the following Prismacolor Premier pencils, from the 150 set: 

Dark pink flowers: Scarlet Lake, Blush Pink, Carmine  Red,  Pink, Deco Pink, Hot Pink, Process Red, Magenta, White
Light pink flowers: Blush Pink, Pink, Hot Pink, Deco Pink, White
Red flowers: Scarlet Lake, Crimson Lake, Tuscan Red, Mahogany Red, Deco Pink, White, Black
Peach flowers: Sunburst Yellow, Salmon Pink, Light Peach, Peach, Nectar, Mineral Orange, White, Sepia
Yellow flowers: Goldenrod, Yellowed Orange, Canary Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Deco Yellow, Cream, Light Umber
Flower centers: Spanish Orange, Light Umber, Yellowed Orange, Goldenrod, Canary Yellow, White
Leaves: Limepeel, Chartreuse, Apple Green, Prussian Green, Olive Green
Shadows and highlights: Indanthrone Blue, Black, Sepia, Cream, White
I am still working on this piece, so it will remain a Work In Progress (WIP) until the next time! But it is turning out pretty well, don't you think?!

Thanks for joining us for Inspire Me Monday! Make sure to come back every Monday to see new inspiration!

Power Poppy Products Used:
Hydrangea Hype Digital Stamp Set
Peony Love Digital Stamp Set
Geraniums Digital Stamp Set

Other Products Used: Copic markers, Prismacolor colored pencils, Authentiuqe printed paper,  cardstock

Inspire Me Monday: Share the Spotlight


Hello friends! It's time for Inspire Me Monday once again and this time it's me, Lisa Johansen, bringing everyone some inspiration!

This week I decided to feature the Spotlight Technique. Like many others my life is a blur...I work full time, I am a volunteer firefighter for my town, I'm on the board for a local bird rehab center plus I sneak in time with my family and friends, gardening, crafting, workouts, photography etc. Some days I really want to get creative but have a small window of opportunity to do so. This is where we bring in the spotlight technique!

This technique is very simple....choose the image you would like to use and either stamp or print the image twice. 

Because today is Memorial Day in the United States I decided to use the digital set Perfect Poppies with a red, white and blue theme. I knew I wanted a sentiment so on the copy on the left I placed the sentiment where I wanted it and changed the color to blue.

Next, on the 2nd copy of the image, decide what part of the flower is going to be your focal point and cut it out.

Once you have the part of your image you plan on spotlighting cut out it out and color it.

Now take your first image, adhere it to your card base and then add your spotlighted portion. I used pop up adhesive on the back of mine to get extra dimension. 

Card #2

For my second card I followed the exact same steps, except this time I used the digital set Garden Fireworks.

This time I decided to go with a square shape for my image panels, using the smaller square to die cut my spotlight piece.

Now just put your card together and get your spotlighted image in place.

By using this technique it took me less than 15 mins per card to get everything done! That left me plenty of time to go finish watching the new season of Stranger Things with my family :)

If you've never tried this technique (or even if you have!) I hope you give it a chance and if you do, stop by and share a link to your creation in the comments section! 

Thanks for stopping by the Power Poppy blog, have a fabulous week!


Inspire Me Monday: Spring Meadow Bouquet


HEY FRIENDS! Inspire Me Monday is back and so am I with a new Copic coloring video. Since we have a new monthly challenge, I decided to feature one of the Spring themed digital image sets currently discounted so that you can play along with the challenge. Check out Christine's post for the challenge details as well as the 4-1-1 on the discounted stamp sets.

For this week's inspiration, I decided to feature the Spring Meadow Bouquet digital stamp set which has always been one of my favorites. 

It's been a while since I featured a digital stamp, so I decided to start today's video with a quick refresher to help get you started. I have a fuller tutorial on my channel, but for this video, I'll just give you the shorter version.

So with no further ado - here's the video!

If the video isn’t visible below, click HERE to view it. Enjoy!

That's it for me today! Hope you found some coloring inspiration!

STAMP: Spring Meadow Bouquet
COPICS: RV55, RV63, RV66, RV69 (Bleeding Hearts); BV31, BV34 (Summer Snowflake); BV31, B63, B66 (Lilacs); G20, G24, G46 (foliage); Y15, Y19, YR04, N3, N5, B000, BG10, BV31 (bee)