Monday, July 23, 2018

Five Days of Digis: Gifts from the Sea

Hello beautiful people! It’s Day 4 of my digital stamp set reveals — and get this. Today’s set is ALSO very dear to my heart. I know, I know, I keep saying that. But.... seeing as I love collecting seashells and traveling to beachy spots (I’m writing this post from San Diego, a few yards from the ocean), it was about time to introduce a stamp set celebrating the Gifts from the Sea

To see what I mean, check out this beauty by Julie Koerber, featuring my new set: 

Gifts from the Sea features an illustration is inspired by a recent beachy experience - with a bouquet of Plumeria flowers and petite palm fronds, nestled in an ink-bottle vase. Seashells of every stripe surround the scene, where someone has been writing a postcard, or maybe starting to write the follow-up volume to Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s classic, Gifts from the Sea. Whatever it is, I recommend all to Seas the Day. 

The image comes with and without the sentiment, “Seas the Day”, in black and no-line versions.

I'm going to recommend that everyone stop, run to the library, and pick up a copy of Anne Morrow Lindbergh's book, Gifts from the Sea. Life-changing perspectives on life as a woman and mother, all written while she was staying in a cottage by the sea in Captiva, Florida. I read this book on the very beaches where she wrote the book years ago, and collected seashells galore from the fertile Gulf of Mexico.

Our wonderful designers have made KNOCK-OUT cards to showcase Gifts from the Sea. I can’t wait for you to explore...
Come see:

Soooo much beauty — such varying interpretations!!! A huge THANK YOU to our designers who have taken the time and efforts to help make these stamp sets shine. Be sure to leave them some love as you pop around to see their work. xoxoxo

See you tomorrow for our final digital stamp set introduction — this one may look a bit familiar if you follow my clear stamp designs... Until then!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Five Days of Digis: Take a Deep Breath

HEY THERE! Welcome back to day three of our new digital stamp sets. The first day was a freebie (scroll down to read all about the special free gifts from Power Poppy and Kit and Clowder!), yesterday we introduced a pretty garden scene of irises and tulips, and today we have something quite different....

In my folks’ garden, which they designed, dug, planted, and built all by themselves, there is a magnificent pond and trickling waterfall. There are waterlilies and lotuses, and it is one of the most tranquil places I can imagine.

Photo by my stepdad Steve, borrowed from his Instagram, @steve_as_himself
Inspired by the beauty and peace of their garden, and the messages of affirming life that comes from a deep inhale and exhale, I bring you my newest illustration, “Take a Deep Breath".

Take a Deep Breath is a large image, featuring an arrangement of lotus flowers, leaves, a bud and a wonderfully curious seedpod, with a dragonfly and a damselfly flitting abut the scene. You receive a version both with and without the sentiment, in black and no-line versions.

I was not only inspired by the tranquility that lotuses bring — though they are the symbol of serenity. But through the last several years, I have been able to find a great sense of peace from the simple act of breathing. Focusing on your breathing. Returning your mind to act of breathing. It is one of the best ways to find calm in a busy or stressed out state, and it is free.

Breathe! You are alive!
- - - - - -

Breathing in, I calm my body.
Breathing out, I smile.
Dwelling in the present moment,
I know this is a wonderful moment.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

Our wonderful designers have created cards to help share the serenity and peace of the lotus, and I’m so proud to get to share them with you.

Come see:

I encourage everyone to focus on their breathing while coloring Take a Deep Breath (or any image!). It truly magnifies your sense of happiness when you appreciate the act of breathing in deeply, and breathing out deeply.

Tomorrow we have another illustration that was drawn from influences that are VERY close to my heart, my dear friends! I hope you’ll return to see what we have in store. Have a beautifully blessed day. I’m about to go meet our designer Elizabeth Zaffarano in person — our family is traveling this week and we’re in her hometown of San Diego!! Check my Instagram this afternoon because I'm sure we'll post a pic!

Big hugs and happy breathing....

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Five Days of Digis: Love One Another

Hi friends! Hope you saw our special Five Days of Digis launch yesterday — where I introduced my rich and happy pattern of Gerbera Daisies — that you can download for FREE RIGHT HERE.

And today, we have another sweet image to share. This one has flowers with special meaning to me (gosh, they all do, don’t ya know!) and I’m thrilled to share it with you — hoping you find a special joy working with “Love One Another”.

Love One Another is an illustration that celebrates the spirit of love and acceptance. Different species of plants and creatures living together in harmony - a metaphor for our times. The image comes with and without the sentiment, in black and no-line versions.

I’ve drawn flowers with special meaning to me.... dwarf and intermediate bearded irises mingling with tulips. You guys know how I am totally in to flowers, right? Well, there was a time that the only flowers we had growing up were the random wild daylilies that seemed to pop up in everyone's yard. But one day when I was in high school, my mom, Susan, discovered irises. The variety of colors, sizes, ruffles galore. She went bananas. First she got into tall bearded irises (which you may be familiar with), but then, being my mom, she had to find something more rare and special, so she sought out the "dwarf" (sometimes only 3-4 inches tall!) bearded irises, or the intermediate, which are a little bit taller. The blooms are just as MAGNIFICENT as the tall bearded, if not moreso.

Source: Schreiner's Iris Gardens
Well, the iris phase was pretty intense in our household... along with growing a huge variety, my mom and stepdad both got training to become judges in the American Iris Society. I was encouraged (well, more like bribed) to take part in junior iris arranging competitions, and I believe we can trace my very first botanical painting to iris subject matter (I'll have to dig up a photo and add it here....)

I knew I had to get some irises down on paper - but what to pair them with? As I envisioned a combination of flowers coexisting joyfully.

In April of this year I was invited by a dear old friend of mine, Sharyn Sowell, to visit her incredible garden and studio in Skagit Valley, Washington. She timed our visit to coordinate with the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, where basically the entire area lights up with row upon row of blossoming tulips. You have to just pull over at the side of the road and gawk. It is unforgettable beauty and I took approximately one billion photos. Many of them with me giving the thumbs up! Who doesn’t love tulips?

So, there we have the components of Love One Another: irises and tulips! And what of the critters meandering about?

I’ve included a Luna Moth (which you can see, our designers have colored in whatever way coordinates with their flowers — which is a brilliant move), and a "pleasing fungus" beetle (never had heard of it before, but I liked the polka dots!) and a caterpillar with little spiny things sticking out. Folks, I don't even know what kind it is, because sometimes that’s just what happens when you want to add a little frill!

My friends, you simply must see what our dear designers have created for today — unstoppable beauty to inspire your next project!

Come see:

There are so many color combinations possible for this digital stamp set! I can’t wait to see what you will do with it!

Tomorrow we’ll have another highly detailed illustration to share, it’s a personal favorite I have to say...

Friday, July 20, 2018

Five Days of Digis: Free Download + Free Coloring Class

You’ve been waiting for brand new digital images from Power Poppy for months and months... and I aim to deliver and delight!

Welcome to our 5 Days of Digis release — kicking off with a BANG!! I've designed a new image of Gerbera Daisies that I think you’re going to love. Kindness is the Way is an allover floral pattern both with and without lettering, along with a single flower when you just need a simple, cheery bloom! And get this....

I want to say thank you to my wonderful, amazing, creative and courageous customers for your loving support of Power Poppy. "Kindness is the Way" is a FREE digital stamp set download that is not a short-time promotion, it's here for the taking and enjoying forever!

What’s even more fun? A FREE Coloring Class!

We've teamed up with Kit and Clowder to offer a FREE coloring class created specifically for Kindness is the Way! Designed by the amazing Alyce Keegan, whom we positively adore. Alyce's gorgeous work is featured in the photo above (isn’t it dreamy??), and in her awesome video tutorials, you learn the tips and techniques to help you enhance your coloring skills! Be sure to join this group: and enter your coloring project for a chance to WIN part of $200 in prizes from Power Poppy and Kit and Clowder.

Here is a sneak peek of MORE inspiring creations by our talented designers working with Kindness is the Way.... spin around to their blogs and enjoy smiling the whole way through. Then download your free stamp set, take the free class, and be on your way to a weekend of coloring! 

Come see:

Thank you so much and be SURE to come back tomorrow to check out the brand new illustration that  is directly inspired by the garden, I cannot wait to share it with you!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Earthy & Delish Hues!

Hello sweet color craving stampin' friends! Today's little hues have a tasty flavor attached to them and show off a recipe crafted over HOURS in our own Power Poppy Peep in Chief's kitchen. Check it out, will you? (And try not to let your mouth water!) 

This, my friends, is Boeuf en Daube in progress in Ms. Marcella's cooking space. What I found even more delish than the meal's looks was the fact that she made this feast in her Grandma Dorothy's 1960's era Wagner Ware tureen. Apparently, creating this recipe takes hours upon hours of simmering! I think those are the absolute best kinds of meals -- you get to savor the smells all day long!

HOW TO PLAY: Playing along with this week's Hues to Use is sweet and simple! Just look at the color cues above -- plum, pumpkin and straw and use them in your card or creation. After you're done getting those fingers inky, link up your creation on the link below so we can all see! YIPPPEEEE!

Are you ready for another little fun surprise today? We have another guest on tap today! This lovely lady loves all things crafty and lives in a gorgeous part of the country. She's about as talented as she is sweet so put your hands together for.....

"Hi all, I'm Sue! I'm from a small city, North Tonawanda, NY between Buffalo and Niagara Falls, New York. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 52 years. We have one daughter, a great son-in-law and two grandchildren -- Megan, who just turned 20 and is in college studying art, and Michael, who will graduate high school this June and attend college in the fall. I worked as an accountant and tax preparer for 28 years. I have been retired since 2008 and don't miss giving up my life from January to April 15th each year for tax season!"

I have crafted all of my life beginning at a young age with a box of 64 Crayola Crayons. To my late mother's delight, I learned to sew all on my own while I was a stay at home mom. I made Cabbage Patch dolls and their clothes when they were all the rage, and have sewn American Girl doll outfits by the dozens. I took decorative painting classes and did that for many years. I learned calligraphy and did invitations and place setting cards for friends. Then, I bought a couple of rubber stamps in 1995, became hooked and now have a large collection of stamps, digis, paper and dies. I took classes from Kevin at Stampscapes and became obsessed with scene stamping for a while. I have taught rubber stamp classes at my local stamp store too.

When it comes to stamping, Copic markers are my go-to choice for coloring right now, replacing the Crayola crayons. All these years later, I still LOVE to color.


For my card, I chose the digi, Cup of Columbine. (Did you know this image also comes in a clear version? It's called Cheerful Columbine) I knew I wanted to make a shaped card, so I chose a Spellbinders Grand Die Label 4. I cut an eggplant colored mat for the Copic colored image. I attached them to a white card cut from the same die set and embossed the purple mat and the front of the card with a Creative Expressions embossing folder, called Braided Vines. It's an 8-1/2" by 11" embossing folder.

Next, I stamped and embossed the word Enjoy, from Jillibean, and cut it out with the matching die in the set. I then cut two more of the word Joy from white cardstock and glued them to the back of the orange embossed original to give it some dimension. The word Everyday was stamped on
white cardstock and embossed with the same orange embossing powder and die cut with the flag die from the same set. A few purple sequins were finishing touches to the card.

Here's a close up for you! 

I am thrilled to have been asked to design a card for the Hues to Use, and I would like to thank Julie for the opportunity!"

Thank YOU Sue, the pleasure is all ours! I love the combo of purple and orange and I think you really did a beautiful job of marrying these two bold and happy hues! We should mention that if you want to see what crafty endeavors Sue is up to, you can check out her blog Sue's Rubber Stamping Adventures by just clicking the link! Thanks again Sue!

Before we get to the linky and bid you a farewell for the week, I did want to tell you happy Hues to Use lovers to stay tuned! Why? Well, we think you are all pretty awesome and Marcella and I chatted about how we can up the ante and give you coloristas a little extra incentive to play along with us from week to week. So, like I said, stay tuned! Some exciting news will be unveiled SOON!

Until next week!

Friday, July 13, 2018

hApPy FrI-yAy!

Yes, my sweet stamping friends, we are a little slow on the take to share some fun little vibes to get your ready for a feel-good weekend! Sorry 'bout that! Never fear... we're here now! ;-)

As we speak, there's a flurry of activity, not only at my home base in Montana but in St. Louis as Marce gets ready for a MASSIVE road trip. Can you say 1800 miles with the family truckster packed to the gills? Yep, that's Marcy! Stay tuned for more on her adventures! Just a little note, if you place an order in the next week, Marcella and her crew will pack it up when they return!

Okay, are you all ready for some...

Let's get right to the eye candy folks! Marcella has another massive digital release just for you. Want to see a sneak peek?

Sigh... it's divine, isn't it? And, I wish I could show you more. Get ready digi-lovers. There is a smorgasbord of fun images that absolutely CANNOT wait to be colored up by your crafty hands -- flowers of all kinds, sweet vignettes, and scenes that are sure to drop your blood pressure at first sight. Mark your calendar! The new digi release starts July 20th -- JUST ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! 

This second Good Vibe is pretty self-explanatory. Puppies = good vibes. We just love that Mr. Tibbs, the Power Poppy Pup in Chief, demands that his master put down work for a little catch with his favorite red thing-a-ma-jig! You go Tibbs!

I am not sure about you, but I can almost smell the beautiful scent of lilacs when I take a glance at this AH-MAZE-ING creation by Jeannean Marshall using Power Poppy's French Lilac digital stamp set. Wow. Makes me yearn for next spring when the bushes behind my house will be in full bloom again! If you want to be WOWED by this image above fashioned into a finished card plus a few others, click HERE! 

Okay, this good vibe is clearly mine but -- you know what? We're all family here and it's perfectly fine to share those proud mama moments, right? Well, this pic above is of my daughter's softball team after their battle to win at the State Softball Tournament in Great Falls, Montana. These little ladies took 2nd place out of 21 teams. #2 in the standings, #1 in our hearts! They battled in 95-degree heat and dug so deep that many of us were shocked. They couldn't quite conquer their main rival but you know it's a good game when the other coach says to your girls, "That's how you play softball girls!" Proud. (Just in case you wondered, my daughter is the second from the left in the first row). Go 406 Playmakers!

There's little doubt that both Katie and I are squealing at this photo above. You see, we're both avid knitters. When Marcy asked what she should do on that mondo car trip, I suggested she learn how to knit! Well, her grandma taught her years ago and all she needed to do was get "reacquainted!" So, she hit up the Kirkwood Knittery and snagged these lovelies above! She says she plans to try her hand at knitting a scarf. Watch out folks! We all know what happens when Marcy falls in love with something new -- remember her mushroom craze that's still ongoing? I am excited to see where this one goes!

With all those vibes out there now sitting somewhere in cyberspace.....
Be sure to check out these fine ladies and their fresh cut Power Poppy creations!

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking in before you hit up your crafting spaces this weekend! We love your visits!

Until next time!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Neutral Hues

Hello all of you creative paper crafters!!  Tosh here filling in for Julie for today's Hues to Use Challenge.  I hope you are enjoying a day surrounded by color, but that doesn't mean it has to be bright, bold, or even soft pastels.'s all about being get out your grays people!! 

It seems Marcy is thinking about Mr. Tibbs today, and for those of you who love bold, bright colors, today's hues might be a bit of a challenge. We're going grayscale.

Would you like to play along?  All you have to do is take your color cues from the photo above  (Julie has highlighted 3 of the most prominent colors in the photo), create a project using those colors, and link it below.  We'd love to see where your creativity takes you, and by participating, you could be chosen to host one of our Hues to Use challenges.  If so, you would get to choose a Power Poppy digi set to play along with.

Are you ready to see my interpretation?  I chose to work with the digital set Easy Breezy Coneflowers.  Now, I LOVE working with neutrals, but shoot, I just can't resist adding a little pop of color.  I might have stepped out of the box a bit, and since this is on the Power Poppy blog itself, I thought I better not make my "pop" very bold, so I just added a subtle purple to the Coneflower center.  This is my first time hosting the Hues to Use Challenge, so since I'm a newbie, hopefully, I won't get in too much trouble. 

The Easy Breezy Coneflower digital image itself includes two Coneflowers and I wanted a grouping of them.  So, I used Photoshop to make a little collage out of the blooms and included one of the sentiments.  I then colored the Coneflowers using T2, T1, and T5 along with V17 and V15.  The background was made using T0-T6.  I soaked a piece of textured cloth with Copic Blending Solution and dabbed the background to get that stippled effect.

I created the randomly striped base piece using 3 of the Copic colors listed above: T1, T3 and T5.  I didn't have gray string that matched as closely as I would like, so I just colored up some string with my T5 Copic, and I did the same with the mini clothespin using V17.

Thanks for visiting today.  I look forward to seeing how you all are inspired by these gray tones.  Don't forget to link your creations below.

Have a fantastic week!!

Happy Stamping!!