Friday, May 30, 2014

Fuzzy, frisky, pretty, pokey, snappy, sassy Succulents!

Yesterday I promised I’d share something sassy with you. And I shall deliver. But today’s set is about so much more than sassiness. Have you ever admired an Aloe? Have ya squeezed a Sedum? Eyeballed an Echeveria? Been poked by Polaskia? These are all varieties of what are called “succulent” plants—characterized by their fleshy leaves and adorable appearance (that last part was not on the Succulents wikipedia page, but I can attest to its validity). Just take a look:

Succulents are HOT. Even though they’ve been around for bajillions of years, succulents and cacti seem to be the plant of the moment, showing up in all manner of rock gardens, potted in windowsills, patios, front stoops, tablescapes, tucked into wreaths, and quite possibly, right now on my desk.

The one pictured above is a variety of Sempervivum, commonly known as “hen and chicks”. Each one of the little baby plants—or “chicks” can be gently pulled off its mother “hen” plant, and stashed into a rocky crevice or a pot of sandy soil, and it starts a new plant just like that. You can see how the habit of adorning your space with succulents can get out of control easily. And they are like potato chips, you can’t have just one! They’re each so unique and so fun! Why just yesterday I went a bit cuckoo at one of my favorite local nurseries, Bowood Farms, and came home with a bevy of new babies!

My succulent fascination goes back some 20 years (I’ll never forget my first encounter with showy perennial Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ — seriously, do you ever forget your first plant love?) and they have never been more prolific in nurseries and garden centers than RIGHT NOW. Strangely, I feel as if I must have them. All of them. Then I think about my handkerchief-sized garden and realize that there is not room for anything else. Also, it’s more cost effective to design a stamp set that features a whole bunch of succulent varieties, and then stamp them over and over in a rainbow of juicy colors and using all manner of techniques, is it not? I thought that sounded like a righteous idea.

And so, I give you Sassy Succulents. 

What’s really neat about this set is not simply the variety of plant stamps included (as you’ll see when you visit the Bloom Brigade’s blogs as you’re surely about to do), but the tone and flavor of the sentiments. Sassy Succulents celebrates individuality with phrases that reassure that it’s great to stand out from the crowd and be your sassy self. I’ve also designed sentiments that could be used for friends, families, coworkers, teammates—because, no matter how unique or special, we’re all in this together! 

Now, come have a look at some highly unique and special ways to use this set!

Christine Okken
Cindy Lawrence
Danielle Kennedy
Julie Koerber
Katie Sims

We’ll see you back here tomorrow, yes? I hope so, because we have ONE MORE stamp set surprise before our big BLOG HOP and release on June 1st!


Katie Sims said...

Your post got me laughing....I have this image of you at the nursery picking up every succulent you could get your hands! And YES...Autumn Joy is completely wonderful! This set is so uniquely wonderful and totally YOU! It most definitely is a very righteous go, girl! ;) Love this set!!

Susie said...

Seriously, I'm all over this set! Having lived in the Sonoran desert, the beauty of succulents is just one part of the blooming beauty of the southwestern states. The team did a wonderful job with this set!

Susie said...

I meant to tell ya that I have some succulants planted in an old toy pick-up truck on the patio. Once I get my set, I'm going to post both the card and the photo of the truck on my blog.

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Marcy, this is an amazing set! We have lots of succulents here in South Florida, but these are gorgeous! And I think Susie is right about seeing so many in the southwest. Stunning designs by the fabulous team, and it's always a delight to read how you were inspired and designed these images...and see the beautiful "real" art that God made! Another beautiful set! Hugs!!

loulou said...

Marcy I love this set. The images and the sentiments are both amazing. The Bloom brigade showcased some amazing creations.