Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day, May Day!

Do I post gigantic graphics, or what?

Happy May Day everybody! Can you think of a better way to celebrate the first of May than with a virtual garden tour? (Okay, a real garden tour would also be totes awesome, BUT for this flowery frolic you can be in your pajamas, sans make-up, perhaps with a bit of bedhead, and nobody will ever know! Ain’t the internet grand?)

OHHHH my goodness have the Bloom Brigade been ever-so-busy cultivating these magnificent cards for our ALL DIGITAL May release week. THANK YOU, THANK YOU to each of them, such gorgeous artists and beautiful people! I have been so impressed with their floral card creations all week — seriously, they make me want to stop everything and pull out my watercolors. It’s a bit chilly in St. Louis this morning, so I’ll save my peony-plant-progress-peeping until later in the day, and will instead run around this blog hop to see everything they’ve made.

A quick note before I do. All of the images used in the cards for our May “Instant Garden” release (Peonies, Tulips, Gerbera Daisies, and Gladioli) are available as high-resolution digital images — so after you buy the set, you’ll get an email with your images in it, and you can start creating your own crafty garden right away! How cool is that? Again I say: Ain’t the internet grand?

So let’s get this May Day instant garden tour underway, and I hope you’ll visit each of our charming Bloom Brigade designer’s blogs for inspiration—PLUS—we have a special visit from the oh-so-delightful creative phenom, Dina Kowal. Today rules!!!!


Allison Cope
Christine Okken
Cindy Lawrence
Danielle Kennedy
Dawn Burnworth
Dina Kowal
Julie Koerber
Kathy Jones
Katie Sims
Leslie Miller
Stacy Morgan
Tosha Leyendekker

And thank you so much to everyone who’s been following our release this week, many of you have been Instant Gardening with us already! We have so many fun surprises in store this month—and I can’t wait to be all up in it myself! From new challenges to helpful tips to Pinterest action, there will be lots of ways to share this botanical bounty together!

I truly appreciate all of the support and lovely emails and comments you have been sharing with me. I feel very privileged to be a part of this creative community. :)


Allison Cope said...

That is one fabulous graphic Marcy!!! Look at that garden of instant beauties!!!! Thanks for all the amazing talent you share in creating these amazing works of floral art with us. I just love creating and colouring with them!

Julie Koerber said...

Wowza -- beautiful graphic -- who knew the Bloom Brigade could be so prolific with these beautiful images! Seeing it all there together is breathtaking! Congrats on a fun-filled release! It is so amazing to see folks already using these images to create in their own stamping spaces! As for that pj, no make-up and bed-head thing -- yep -- that's me right now! ;-) Have a goodie dear lady!

Colleen Dietrich said...

This collection is traditional-Marcella as I have come to know and love! Would love to see the whole shebang in a photopolymer set, as my printer ink SUCKS for coloring (and the printer only likes thin copier paper). Sad this collection in digi form won't work for me. :(

ChristineCreations said...

Wow Marcy this looks amazing! :) A perfect start to May Day! Gorgeous work on these beautiful illustrations once again lady, you’re so inspiring!

NancyK said...

I need to know how to print my digi onto patterned paper with out getting the white background. Thanks!

Misti said...

This release is STUNNING!!!!!

Karen W said...

Gorgeous, everyone did such a fabulous job!

Theresa said...

Your instant garden is wonderful, Marcella! The blog was a great way to celebrate May Day. I cannot wait to play with all 4 of your new digital releases.

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Marcella, that is a gorgeous collage of the beautiful creations from the amazing Design Team...using your beautiful artwork! Totally love MY Instant Garden this week! Hugs!

Linda Carson said...

I'm so excited to see your artwork again Marcella! Your images are timeless and your designers brought them to life in breathtaking ways! I swear I could smell them through my screen!!

Leslie Springer said...

These are just Beautiful. So glad to see you opened shop! I went to buy these and guess what, no computer ink. Out dry! Can you believe that. Can't get any till Thursday. That is when BB will get in in.

Charmaine said...

Oh my goodness, such beautiful graphics and images! I am so glad that I found your site.