Sunday, June 29, 2014

Geraniums are good for you!

Hard to find a happier plant than Geraniums—would you agree? They’re so very colorful and free-wheeling; so easy to grow and make cuttings; so reliable. They’re like the essence of contentedness really! Plus they bloom like absolute fiends (why, I have 6 different cultivars showing off their colorful selves in my garden right now). I’d go so far as to say Geraniums: They’re good for your spirit!

While I can go on til the break of dawn about the merits of the jaunty Geranium (and I could also get into my plant nerd mode about how the Latin name is actually Pelargonium), that doesn’t help much in the card-making department. But wait—that’s where this new digi stamp set comes in!

If Geraniums are so happy and content, you can give your cards a healthy dose of cheerful, carefree charm with this illustration, which you can color a bajillion various ways! The leaves can be given all manner of color variations. The sentiment sums up the way I feel when I look out into my yard at this time of year.... full on botanical explosion. “The Earth laughs in flowers” — isn’t that just so great? It makes me smile just thinking about what a clever observation that is.

You know what else makes me smile? Gawking at what outstanding creations the Bloom Brigade designed to showcase the Geraniums digital stamp set. You are really going to feel the happy vibes, c’mon, let’s go see...

Allison Cope
Christine Okken
Cindy Lawrence
Danielle Kennedy
Dawn Burnworth
Julie Koerber
Katie Sims
Leslie Miller
Tosha Leyendekker

Thank you for popping over, and hope you’ll come back tomorrow for our last day of the Bloom Wildly all-digital stamp release! The last day is gonna be a real doozy!!


Barbara said...

I simple love your creations and have many sets from Flourishes. I also have the 4 digi stamps that were released, but I prefer the clear polymer ones. Will they be available too. I have crafty friends that feel the same as I do.

KimCreate said...

You outdid yourself on this geranium set! It's a must have. Would love to have a clear stamp too of this.
All the DT samples are simply spectacular!

Deb said...

Spectacular stamp designs and Bloom Brigade creations. However I must echo the desire for them in clear stamps. I understand all the pros of digis but to be honest despite of explanations and tutorials many of us still have very basic computer skills and need the comfort of an actual stamp in their hands. Thanks for hopefully understanding our point of view also.

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Marcella, this stamp set is gorgeous! And the Bloom Brigade has once again outdone themselves! But, look what they got to play with - and now me too!! I just LOVE digital images so much because (1) they take no physical space, (2) you can resize them and move them around anyway you can), and (3) because they cost less. Wow! Can't wait to see tomorrow's release! So far, I've been totally delighted! And thanks for sharing your inspiration, and I would LOVE to see more photos of your beautiful garden! Hugs!

Maureen R said...

Stunning! I am so happy you have started your own company, your talent should never be wasted, and thanks for sharing it with all of us out here in the digital world! You are the best! I live in an extremely rural area & sometimes the computer is the only link I have to a stamp in months. So I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I did want to mention Danielle blog is not up to date in the last two days, so maybe you should take her web address off the hop for this release. Just sayin' :-)

ChristineCreations said...

There’s just something special about these geraniums Marcy....I have LOVED colouring them lady. Thank you!