Thursday, July 10, 2014

Meandering with a Messi fan

Yesterday I got the urge to be surrounded, confounded, and dare I say dumbfounded by flowers. Oftentimes I can tell that urge to go back from whence it came (it comes so very often!). Yesterday I gave in. And I am so glad I did! Lulu and I toddled over to the Missouri Botanical Gardens for a few hours, and the time spent with my best gal amidst the summer flowers was all kindsa magical.

See what I mean?? Look at that Turkscap Lily (Lilium superbum). Dude, seriously, that is so delicious. The flowers naturally have a drooping habit, and when they are hanging there, they do resemble a “Turk’s cap” — note, I took a photo of the flower in said natural form, and it came out blurry, which I didn’t realize until we were on to our next adventure. :) 

Now, this might be me, but I was excited that the flowers on this lily and the surrounding Elepant Ears and Oxalis plants coordinated with the colors in the jersey Lulu was wearing (that’s soccer star Lionel Messi, #10 for Barcelona, but playing in the World Cup for his national team, Argentina—have I told you my kids are futbol fans? They both play soccer, as well, and we’ve been trying to keep up with the World Cup). Speaking of the World Cup (check my Instagram to see some of our GO USA goings on, there was some minor face painting involved) — we left the garden to catch the Argentina vs. Netherlands semi-final match at a local spot ’round the corner from our house.

We found a few kindred spirits. 

Argentina won in overtime, by penalty kicks. I’d better wash these jerseys so they’re ready to cheer on the final...


  1. I love going to that garden also, I have not seen that flower...

  2. That flower is unbelievable!!! So much color! Nature really allows us to go out of the box when we color as well, huh??

    My son-in-law and mother (who is German) are both rooting for Argentina!!! Guess I better pick a side...


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