Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mums, pumpkins, kale, and ...

Still Life with Batman

When the mums and pumpkins come out... so do the superheroes! I arranged fall goodies on the front porch a few years ago, digging the color scheme and how it was all coming together. After a few days, most of the maple leaves from our giant tree blanketed the steps, which was just so pretty and peaceful and enchanting. I grabbed my camera-phone to capture the beauty, and next thing I knew, a caped crusader had plunked himself into the center of my display, looking well chuffed.

I appreciate these moments like crazy!! I am giggling just thinking about it. And my little Batman can hardly fit in that once-way-too-big costume anymore. :)


  1. Well doesn't Mr. Finners look like he's ready to take on the world's dark forces for good? Love that smirk -- that boy looks like he's always ready to stir up a bit of fun! ;-) Thanks for sharing this darling photo -- love the arrangements of pumpkin, mums and kale -- so colorful, so fall!

  2. Oh, Marcy, what a beautiful arrangement of fall!! And what a cutie!! Yes, in three years he surely has outgrown that Batman costume!! What fun and precious memories! Hugs, sweet friend! Thanks for sharing this one!! Love it!


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