Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happiest Holiday is in the house!

Hello everybody!

I am still warming up from the chillllllly Halloween trick-or-treating we had last night in St. Louis, and it feels so good to bounce from that holiday right into releasing all of our Christmas sets today!

Is anyone else having a miniature Twix bar with their breakfast? Finn had sooo many organized on the coffee table and their glossy little wrappers were staring at me whispering, “take one, Marce, just take one”... or maybe that was wishful thinking.

TODAY IS A BIG DAY! All the sets are in the store — and waiting to be sent out in little packages to their new stamping families!! 

AND: As if the Bloom Brigade didn’t already blow the doors off the internet this week with their gorgeous creations featuring these four sets, they are doing it ONE MORE TIME! Come and see!!! I can almost guarantee that eye-popping will occur.

One quick pic from last night’s revelry. Lulu went as a Grunge Rocker (wearing a Nirvana shirt from my college days — she told me it “smelled like mom perfume from the 80s”). Finn, inspired by watching the Blue Brothers a few weeks ago, was Elwood Blues. Now here in St. Louis, the tradition when you go trick or treating is that you have to tell a joke to get your candy. (Or you can perform a trick! Sing a song, do some dance moves, etc... but the common choice for most kids is a joke). Finn came up with his own joke about 10 minutes before they headed into the neighborhood.

Q: What instrument does a vegetarian play in a blues band?

A: The flaxophone.

I told you we try to eat healthy around here! Flax seed is even making it into the jokes. (Well, healthy most of the time... Viva la Twix!)

Have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND! And I so hope you’ve enjoyed all the pretty inspiration this week from the Bloomies (don’t they absolutely rule the school? I am ALWAYS amazed by their imagination and creativity!) AND - thank you again, truly, for the words of congratulations and excitement for Doug and me and our families, as we start our new chapter of life.... the mini Brady Bunch, here we come! :)


Karen W said...

Gorgeous creations as always!!! I just ordered my stamps and can't wait to get them

D- said...

Oh your kiddos are adorable.
Off I go to see what everyone has to share.
Crafty hugs,

CherylQuilts said...

Oh, Marcy! Yes, what a wonderful time of year! So glad we are now just focusing on Christmas cards! Yay! And what a fun and beautiful release! Can't wait to play! And woohoo with the costumes! Just love them funny about the Twix and flaxaphone! What cuties they are, and what fun that you and Doug are preparing your "Brady Bunch" move. I just know you will manage it and have a wonderful family together! Still working my way through all the blogs for each sneak peek, but WOW! You are right, the Bloomies are amazing! Love them all! Hugs, and keep warm!