Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wooly bully, wooly bully, wooly bully

You know that zany 1960s song by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs, “Wooly Bully”? It’s stuck in my head right now.

Why, Marce, WHY?

Well, because I’ve been getting the kids’ stockings hung by the chimney with care, and the stockings are special ones I made years ago using all kinds of wooly bits from my sweet Grandma Bonnie’s mid-century-era wool stash. She boiled down thrift-store coats and dyed them herself to make the materials for her gloriously intricate wool rugs. Wooly bully, wooly bully, wooly bully! Want to get it stuck in your head, too?

So let’s get back to the stockings! Here they are. Aww! One for Lulu and one for Finny, lovingly stitched up when they were little toddlers.

These were obviously made during a period in history when there were, in fact, more than 24 hours in a day. Seriously, there is no other explanation. I look at these now and think, how and when did I have time to root around in Grandma’s cedar chests, sorting through those precious wool remnants to find coordinating colors, and to troll eBay and antiques shops and garage sales searching for vintage ribbons, trims, beads, and buttons? Who IS that person and can I hire her to make me some more of these? Nowadays I find myself strapped for time and perennially frazzled, I can forget to take the wet clothes out of the washer before I throw a dirty load of clothes on top of it. But ... enough about that. I apparently made time to sew these stockings, and the sight of them made my kids’ faces light up when we opened up the holiday storage bins! :)

Wooly bully, wooly bully, wooly bully!

Here are some details of the stockings, if you will indulge me.

I am definitely not the best seamstress in the world by ANY STRETCH of the imagination. But a close up look at these wooly stockings, and all the wacky details and oddball stitches and mashed-up materials reminds me that taking time out for crafting is so important. I’m getting a little misty-eyed thinking about it. We’re making memories here, people!

Have a fabulous day, lovely ladies and gents (and wishing a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our own personal Stevie Wonderful, my stepdad Steve!)


Katie Sims said...

OHMYGOSH....these stockings are a-dorable! This is sooooo right up my alley with all of the vintagey goodness you have going on...and those stitches, which have joined together generations of treasured items, look absolutely perfect to me! How very special these are! :)

Julie Koerber said...

Awwwww... these are so cute I can't stand it! Honestly!!!! I can just see you too with your intense attention to detail pulling all those little elements together and enjoying EVERY MINUTE! You're right, you had too much time on your hands then! LOL! When you are done hiring her to make more, send her my way! Thanks for sharing your craftiness and..... let "steve_as_himself" know we all wish him the bestest of the best birthdays!!! ;-)

Kathleen Spaeth said...

Oh my goodness! Their Stockings are so cute, sweet, and were made with such love and kindness. Thank you for sharing them with us. Also, you now have an Ear Worm in my Brain. Wooly Bully! Watch it now!! Lulu told Finn did you see the Stockings Mom made? Wooly Bully!

Patti Willey said...

Yeah thanks for the tune Marce! Love these little stockings!! A big Happy Birthday to Steve!

Allison Cope said...

These are stunning treasures Marcy! Make sure you take good care of them so your children can pass them on - so many memories I'm sure are packing into these beauties! I have knit stockings from when I was a child and I still love the sight of them!

Nora N. said...

Those stockings are lovely. What a piece of history you have made. Thank you for posting these beautiful creations!!

Jeanne J said...

Amazing gorgeous projects - I love all the lovely details and close up shots! SWOON!

Pop, Paper, Scissors said...

Very cute stockings. Love the Wooly Bully throw back.

Maria A. said...

WOW!! how lovely and precious are these stockings, more so because they are made with your grammy's materials, they are all simply gorgeous, such beautiful details Marcella, thank you so much for sharing.