Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bring on the cheer!

Howdy!! This week has worn me out! Days of showcasing eye-poppingly cute cards compliments of the Bloom Brigade design team has left this girl with just a few sparks left in my arsenal. But I’ll use those sparks in the name of the last new set we’re sharing.

Today’s set is kind of special. I mean, they are all special, but this one, THIS ONE... is Primroses. Primroses. Primroses. Primroses!!! Eeeee!!! I’ve had a crush on primroses since I first spotted them in British decorating magazines years ago, and thought, now, those plants are di-VINE! I used to plant bevvies of them along our driveway. I’d tuck them under trees. Nowadays I like to have a few pots of them in the house to usher in a sunshiney feeling as spring approaches. But—I had yet to illustrate the little bright-eyed darlings. UNTIL NOW!

Do we really have to herald the virtues of the primrose: the cheerfulness of their very appearance, the rainbow of hues, the mossy terra cotta pots they often live in, the jauntily ruffled, puckered leaves, the lollipop-like standards of the Auricula varieties, the pure unadulterated JOY they imbue—are we all on the same page here?!

Let’s get right to the examples of the my new set, Potted Primroses! Bloom Brigade, show us whatcha got...

SPECIAL NOTE: Power Poppy Peeps of the Week took a break for our fabulous release week! We hope y’all will tune in next week when we reveal our winners, and a the recipient of the free stamp set, PLUS (drum roll) a NEW WAY to challenge yourself with bits of Power Poppy goodness!

And... TOMORROW, the entire Storm of Creativity collection is available in the shop. Along with a GIANT BLOG HOP with even more examples of the five sets we’re releasing! So come back, ya hear? I want to see what YOU will do with these sets. I have a lot of faith in you!!

Rock on, my dears...


  1. Oh, how beautiful and what a perfect finale to this release! The possibilities for coloring are endless after "googling" for their images! Wow! Excited to see what the gals have for us!! Thanks, and warm hugs!

  2. What fabulous flowers. The gals did a fabulous job show casing them.

  3. As always the DT did a fantastic job and the stamps are gorgeous also!! Can't wait till tomorrow to order


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