Friday, February 20, 2015

Fresh & Fragrant!

It’s Friday, and that means a bevy of beauty is just waiting to be seen thanks to the handiwork of our star-studded Bloom Brigade! Today, this talented troupe is showing off their creations with the latest addition to Power Poppy’s digital collection, the Instant Garden! (Just in case you needed one more reason to LOVE our new digital stamp French Lilac.)

Inspired by one of spring’s most memorable scents, this plume of French Lilacs is ready to be brought into vivid color! And wait until you see what the Bloomies have done with this one! But wait, before we let you get swept into their beautiful blogs, we wanted to share how excited we are to see the latest entries in our brand new monthly challenge! DID YOU SEE?

THE SKY’S THE LIMIT CHALLENGE is the first in many monthly challenges intended to unleash your design power and light a creative spark. This month’s challenge is all about looking to the skies and being inspired by nature’s incredible color palette. You only have to look out the window to get started! AND, there are just 8 more days left, you have through February 28th to enter! For all the details on THIS MONTH’S CHALLENGE, just click HERE. Be sure to link up your creation after you get those fingers inky!

Some of the Bloomies have taken part in this sky-inspired challenge and I just have to share one of my favorites so far! Take a look at this awe-inspiring sunrise and how Christine so magically captured it in her creation! Beauty inspires beauty with this one folks!

Now it’s your turn! We can’t wait to see what YOU come up with! Don’t forget to snap a picture of the sky that inspired you. Speaking of inspiration, it’s time to turn things over to the Bloomies to see what they’ve whipped up with our fresh-picked French Lilac Digital Stamp Set! I am sure their creations will have you saying, “Ooooo La La” ...

Thanks so much for stopping by and spending a snippet of your day with us. Have a fabulous weekend and, in just a few days, we’ll see you back here for a brand new edition of Inspire Me Monday!


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